Heavy duty laundries

High performance, higher productivity, lower running costs and maximum transparency in the laundry process.

Our solutions provide significant time and money savings

  • Optimised water, energy and detergent consumption
    thanks to intelligent technology
  • Faster cycle times
  • Faster and more economic drying processes, due to lowest water retention
  • Best ironing performance on the market
  • A wide range of ironing solutions – up to complete ironing lanes, including feeding and folding equipment
  • Greater service flexibility –
    experts, training and the world’s largest service network

HIA Commercial laundry

“Electrolux  Professional has helped us shift up a gear”.

Eva-Maj Axelsson, Laundry Manager HIA

Eksjö, Sweden

Configured for your requirements.
Choose your solution package.

Access solution

  • Extremely low water and energy consumption and up to 50% water savings for half loads
  • 30% less drying time
  • Particular care features for plane and smooth linen and ironing belts designed for extended use at high temperatures

2 x Front Load Washers (33 kg)
1 x Tumble Dryer (30.5 kg)
1 x Cylinder type Ironer (2065 mm)

Advanced solution

  • Excellent washing, excellent care thanks to the Integrated Saving System for optimal loading of washer
  • Drying process up to 10% faster and 15% more energy efficient
  • Direct Ironer Advanced  Moisture Management System

3 x Front Load Washers (45 kg)
1 x Tumble Dryer (45 kg)
1 x Cylinder type Ironer with feeder, folder and stacker (3170 mm)

Superior solution

  • Excellent washing thanks to the Integrated Saving System for optimal loading of washer and efficient water and detergent dosing
  • Best performance and high productivity: up to 10% faster and 15% more energy efficient
  • Chest type industrial ironer with mobile Super Flexible Chest and fixed roll, allowing for constant pressure and a maximum  ironing surface for the utmost ironing quality

3 x Front Load Washers (120 kg)
2 x Front Load Washers (65 kg)
1 x Front Load Washers (20 kg)
4 x Tumble Dryers (60 kg)
1 x Tumble Dryers (20 kg)
1 x C-Flex Ironer

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