Electrolux Professional Seminars

Run by the Electrolux Professional Chef Academy, celebrity chefs from different parts of the world and the most eminent experts in the foodservice industry, the Electrolux Professional Seminars are based on the cutting-edge educational methodology of the best international culinary institutes.
Get involved in an innovative way of learning about new food trends. Our seminars are held at Electrolux Professional Centers of Excellence all over the world. Check local availability.

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Vegetarian and vegan cuisine

Vegetarian and vegan cuisineThe basis of the vegetarian and vegan cuisine, an emerging phenomenon, are illustrated by the Chef Pietro Leeman (1 Michelin star). Discovering a conscious cuisine where food is lived both in its physical and et...


Street-food: when food gets trendy

Stree-food: when food gets trendyFast, casual and cheap: a journey around colours and taste. This is street-food: a constant evolution in the way of eating. Today the kitchen goes “on the road” also involving well known chefs.Designed for: ...


Flour no-flour in the kitchen

Flour no-flour in the kitchenEnriching foods has become a need, as well as a widespread trend. The alternative flours can renew your menu, ancient ingredients to offer to your customers good and healthy dishes, with multicultural flavors. ...


Raw or marinated fish Italian style

Raw or marinated fish Italian styleAn alternative to Japanese sushi and sashimi to meet the growing demands of customers. Learn how to add it safely to your menu thanks to the correct blast chilling techniques.Designed for: restaurants and...


Pizzas and focaccia gourmet

Pizzas and focaccia gourmetA trend of recent years that disrupts and improves the concept of traditional pizza and focaccia, thanks to the choice of 100% high quality italian ingredients and refined taste combinations. In collaboration wit...


The secrets of “one ingredient” menu

The secrets of "one ingredient" menuFocus on an ingredient for a menu with low environmental impact that combines seasonality and creativity. A new experience, high productivity and low food cost.Designed for: restaurants, hotels and super...