Commercial Catering Equipment

Don’t drive away banquet and catering business.

Weddings, parties, conventions and interactive chef events are just the tip of the iceberg of the type of event that can be catered in high volume.

As customer requests are becoming more extravagant for the type of menu and service, the general manager and chef are challenged with delivering the best possible experience while maintaining a decent level of profitability.

Why Electrolux?

In order to provide the on-time delivery of food without compromising integrity, the selection of the right type of technology is crucial.

Ever thought about cooking today and serving a week from now?

Ever thought about cooking 300 pounds of anything in 11 minutes?

With Electrolux Professional technology, chefs are able to realize how to utilize manpower more efficiently and maximize the performance of the equipment to meet any size of party or complexity of menu.

Proudly Providing the Best Catering Equipment in Australia

We don’t need to ask whether or not you want access to the best catering equipment Australia has to offer, because which business wouldn’t? At Electrolux, we have been known as a company that has been influencing the culture of how food is prepared and served in a professional setting for almost 100 years. We offer options not just for you to prepare your food, but to cook, preserve, and distribute your food as well.
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Why Choose Electrolux Professional Cartering Equipment?

We understand that the market is full of people offering commercial catering equipment. We also know that having access to the right tools and the best instruments can have a massive positive impact on your job, and make your life far easier than it would otherwise be Here at Electrolux, we could spend all day reading off a list of reasons as to why you should invest in us when it comes to your professional catering equipment, however, we prefer to let our clients speak for us.

Nelly Robinson, world-renowned Michelin star chef and spearhead of the kitchen at the Nel Restaurant up in Sydney, has been working alongside Electrolux for years. Why? Because in his words “When you trust someone, you stay with them, and that’s what we have with Electrolux” and he was not kidding with that. Nelly has worked with us here at Electrolux since his early days when he was still operating in the United Kingdom.

Deciding to make the move down under, Nelly opened Nel in Sydney’s CBD at the age of 29, and he has revolutionised Sydney’s dining experience. One of the most loved aesthetic features of Nel is the huge open kitchen, and in regards to our contribution to that, Nelly commended that “we worked very closely with Electrolux to make sure the kitchen design would maximise space, accommodate our daily cooking demands and more importantly optimise our work flow”.

He also goes on to say “The Electrolux Professional combi oven is the best on the market as it has the lambda sensor allowing us to cook pork belly to perfection whilst keeping all the juices in!” which we think is a glowing endorsement if there ever was one to be had.

One of Our Favourite Products From Our Commercial Catering Line

As someone who could definitely be described as a something of a connoisseur when it comes to commercial-use catering equipment, we’d say that Michelin starred chef Nelly Robinson definitely knows what he’s talking about. If he loves our SkyLine PremiumS Electric Combi oven, then we are sure you will too.

Our Skyline PremiumS is an electric combi boiler oven. It features, amongst other components, a touch screen control with an interface that it both colour-blind friendly and available in over 30 different languages, 3 distinct cooking modes (automatic mode, a programmed recipe mode, and a manual mode) and also an automatic cleaning feature. There is also a built-in steam generator, which helps promote precise humidity and temperature control. Speaking of the humidity and temperature controls, each oven uses the Lambda Sensor, which automatically recognises the size and quantity of whatever you’re cooking in your oven, meaning that you are going to get consistently amazing quality food, as easily as it can be done.

We are extremely proud to be known internationally as the premier brand that restaurants, hotels and cafes trust to deliver high-quality products. We provide Australia with commercial glass washers. Also, we promise to continue to provide reliable commercial kitchen exhaust fans and commercial combi ovens. Don’t hold back, contact us today.
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Discover what Electrolux Professional catering equipment can do for your business

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