Commercial Catering Equipment

Don’t drive away banquet and catering business.

Weddings, parties, conventions and interactive chef events are just the tip of the iceberg of the type of event that can be catered in high volume.

As customer requests are becoming more extravagant for the type of menu and service, the general manager and chef are challenged with delivering the best possible experience while maintaining a decent level of profitability.

Why Electrolux Professional?

In order to provide the on-time delivery of food without compromising integrity, the selection of the right type of technology is crucial.

Ever thought about cooking today and serving a week from now?

Ever thought about cooking 300 pounds of anything in 11 minutes?

With Electrolux Professional technology, chefs are able to realize how to utilize manpower more efficiently and maximize the performance of the equipment to meet any size of party or complexity of menu.

Business Catering Equipment Solution

If you are looking for the best business catering equipment in Australia, look no further than Electrolux Professional. We are industry leaders and have helped millions of businesses worldwide reach their business goals. There are many different types of venues that use our products such as restaurants, café bars, delicatessen counters and so on. We might be a household name for domestic cooking appliances, but we are also the go-to solution for commercial catering equipment.

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We work closely with the catering industry to meet the changing demands of the hospitality industry. As tastes change and new fashions develop in the catering sector, we innovate and anticipate the type of equipment that our customers will need. We invest heavily in research and development to allow our customers to fulfil their culinary dreams and execute food service in the most streamlined, cost-effective way.

Investment in our equipment allows catering businesses to deliver service efficiently and safely, whether it is commercial refrigerator, preparation, cooking, or clean up. The single key advantage to having Electrolux Professional provide the full service of equipment means that the products are designed to work seamlessly together, and you can be sure of their high quality. Some commercial kitchens buy equipment from different suppliers, but this can be a false economy, as the machines were not designed to work with each other within a space, plus if there are maintenance issues, you will need to talk to several suppliers. Our full-service approach means that we can fit out any space in the most effective way. You can also be sure of excellent follow up and maintenance service when you become part of the Electrolux Professional family.

Professional Catering Equipment Worldwide

Electrolux Professional has been influencing the way professional kitchens execute their art for over a hundred years. We are a tried and tested supplier and innovator within the catering industry. One of the jewels in our crown is our Centers of Excellence which are dotted around the world spanning several continents. Here, you can test firsthand our innovative professional catering equipment solutions, and your team can experience a unique training opportunity.

Likewise, our Chef Academy is a very popular feature we offer to customers. Our team of over 70 culinary experts provide mentorship and training to our customers to develop their culinary skills. Together we strive for excellence in the art of food creation. With live cooking demonstrations and a knowledge base of the latest trends in the world of food, Electrolux Professional believes in doing business differently. Our professional seminars will show you how our equipment can be used in your kitchen to address the changing landscape of food production.

We at Electrolux Professional design equipment to meet the needs of businesses around the world. Whether you need a solution to cater for a fine dining wedding reception or want to start a street food business, we can help you, so that you can get on doing what you do best.

Whether it is preparation, cooking, or chilling equipment, Electrolux Professional has a range of products. We also have a wide selection of hot and cold beverage equipment, from coffee grinding for the freshest cup to chilled juice dispensers. We also cater for in-house or self-service laundries and provide an extensive range of restaurant dish and glass washers. For every commercial kitchen appliances and equipment need you have, we at Electrolux Professional have a solution. We would love you to come to visit us at one of our centers or online and discuss how we can help your business grow.

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Discover what Electrolux Professional catering equipment can do for your business

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