Sustainable solutions to deliver long-term value for our customers around the world

Good choices
for the planet

Electrolux Professional is here to help you find a path to a sustainable future. There are many opportunities to make a positive contribution by choosing more efficient and energy saving equipment – that is not only good news for the planet, but your business’ bottom line. It is time to make the right choices.

Good choices for the planet
A sustainable approach

A sustainable

It is our mission to make our customers’ work-life easier, more profitable – and truly sustainable every day. Sustainability is a key part of our strategy, culture and operations.
We use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as our compass. Every day we strive to improve sustainability in our customers’ value chain.

We are furthering our commitment to a sustainable future through environmental transparency


Climate neutral by 2030

We are committed to protecting the environment and want to leave a healthy planet to future generations. It’s not enough for us to just reduce our environmental impact – no, we want to go one step further:

We support the UN’s 2030 Agenda and the associated “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDG’s) and have committed ourselves to becoming climate-neutral by 2030.

SDGs, which we actively support.

Measures for climate protection & affordable and clean energy

Electrolux Professional recognizes the importance of taking action to mitigate climate change and supports the ambitions of the Paris Agreement. We believe we can contribute across our value chain by developing energy efficient products and increasing energy efficiency in our operations. We also want to actively support the switch to renewable and non-fossil energy sources.


Our most important measures:

  • Development of energy-efficient and low-consumption products
  • Identification of alternatives to HFC gases (fluorocarbons)
  • Efficient use of materials and resources
  • Reduction of energy consumption in our factories (internal EPS system)
  • ISO 50001 certification in our factories
  • Active support in switching to renewable energy
  • Avoiding investments in fossil fuel applications

Clean water and sanitation facilities

More than 40 percent of the world’s population is affected by water scarcity and forecasts indicate that this will continue to increase. Because a large number of our products use water, Electrolux Professional can make a contribution by developing and offering water-saving products. We also want to contribute to the preservation of local water resources at our industrial sites – through water risk assessments and improving water consumption.


Our most important measures:

  • Development of water efficient/low consumption products
  • Water risk assessments in our own operations
  • Reducing water use in our own operations,
    (with particular focus on countries with water stress)
  • Water discharge management to control quality and destination

Decent work and economic growth

Since our employees are the most important factor for long-term success, we are continuously committed to developing a work environment that enables sustainable performance and in which all employees can do their best. Our commitment to health and safety goes beyond compliance with regulations and laws.


Our most important measures:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Program
  • Attention to user ergonomics and product safety in product development (including third-party certifications)
  • Zero tolerance of slavery, human trafficking and child labor
  • Observance of employee rights (ILO conventions)
  • Code of Conduct training
  • Supplier assessments and procurement practices

Sustainable consumption and production

In order to reduce the ecological footprint of our products and our operations, a main focus is on developing sustainable products for our customers. At our production sites, we focus on managing and reducing our environmental impact in the areas of chemicals, emissions and waste, and on using resources efficiently.


Our most important measures:

  • Environmental Management System in our operations (EPS), including third-party certifications to ISO 14001 (regulatory compliance, chemical management, effluent management, management of emissions and waste management)
  • Environmental performance in our operations (water, energy, waste, etc.)
  • Efficient use of materials
  • Sustainability report
  • Sustainable innovations and increasing product efficiency
  • Foster employee engagement
  • Respect for labor and human rights

Gender equality

Electrolux Professional values ​​Diversity & Inclusion and condemns discrimination and harassment. We strive to increase the proportion of female managers at all levels of the company.


Our most important measures:

  • Anti-discrimination measures
  • Active promotion of diversity and inclusion

SDG 3 – Health and well-being

We offer hygiene and disinfection solutions that can help prevent the spread of infection and disease. We also promote the health and safety of our employees and work with them.

SDG 17 – Partnerships to achieve the goals

Electrolux Professional is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and is involved in various partnerships in support of sustainable development. In 2020, the CEO of Electrolux Professional signed the Statement from Business Leaders for Renewed Global Cooperation.

SDG 16 – Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Electrolux Professional is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and is committed to its 10 principles relating to human rights, labour, anti-corruption and the environment.

SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities

Electrolux Professional is involved in collaborating to build sustainable communities. We are convinced that our efficient and durable solutions within the framework of the sharing economy can contribute to more sustainable cities and communities.

Laundry solutions

Pristine linen demands the consumption of water, energy and detergents. Electrolux Professional uses technology and innovation to build resource-efficient products with a low environmental impact and keep customers ahead of the game in business sustainability.

Clean innovation

Electrolux Professional Line 6000 is the culmination of 20 years of innovation offering effortless laundry solutions to customers and ensuring sustainability.


-40% water consumption
on washers

Immagine 24

-40% energy consumption
on drying cabinet

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-60% energy consumption
on dryers

+20% gas savings
on ironers


Certified expertise to grant you unparalleled performances and results everyday

Sustainable food solutions

The future of the planet relies on our ability to create smart solutions that use resources efficiently. Electrolux Professional solutions ensure you can concentrate on your business, knowing you are doing everything in the most sustainable way.

Smart Cooking


Save up to 10% on energy with

You decide your menu and the SkyLine Combi Oven applies its new logic based on artificial intelligence to optimize the cooking order.

Electric Grills HP

Immagine 11


Flower flame






thermaline Pressure Braising Pan provides multifunctionality and savings

Immagine 13

Energy saving

Cooking time

Our Rack Type
has the lowest running
costs in the industry

Immagine 14

Energy saving

Water saving

Immagine 15

Responsible refrigeration

Less harmful gases
The latest generation of professional refrigerators uses natural gases such as cyclopentane (in the insulation) and Hydrocarbons (HC), such as R290 with low GWP. Hydrocarbons (HC) reduce the environmental impact and contribute towards the longer life of the compressors.

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What we have achieved so far

We have been able to make significant progress in all areas of sustainability since 2015. But we only have one planet, so we always want to get better.
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