For smaller buildings, student homes and locations with limited functional living space

Are you the chairman of the board of an apartment block? Do you want to make it easy for fellow residents to do their laundry? If you are looking for reliable, easy-to-use, long-lasting equipment that does a great job washing and drying…we have what you need!

  • Apartment buildings
  • Dormitories
  • Universities & colleges
  • Student homes
  • Young workers housing
  • Long stay residences for workers
  • Group homes

Best-in-class efficiency at the lowest utility cost

When it comes to laundries in shared housing, quality means: optimal wash results, short washing times, low running costs and unfailing reliability.That’s why you need a partner with expertise and experience – one that knows professional appliances inside and out.

Tailor-made solutions

We are here to help you to compose the solution that’s best for you.
No two set-ups are alike: in addition to basic size and performance parameters, yours will differ according to hose type, ventilation, power sources, and other features that meet your tenants’ needs. Washers, dryers and accessories – all Electrolux Professional solutions are designed to work together for optimal performance.

At your service

We provide the most innovative solutions to fit your needs. Using state-of-the-art virtual reality drafting tools, our experienced laundry experts will simulate any configuration you wish to see.
Consultative selling: we are your partner throughout the process.

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Many practical options

Coin op

Tokens or coins, mechanical or electromechanical

Card readers

Prepaid, keycards,
bank cards


Connected to existing payment systems

Smart meters

Standalone mechanism to turn the power supply on or off

Central payment

Single payment station to monitor several machines

Booking systems
with monthly payment

One device per laundry to book machines in person or remotely. Several payment options

What our laundry users are saying

Student homes

Campus Diemen Zuid

The Netherlands

Campus Diemen Zuid needed a modern apartment-house laundry for its residents. To offer students top quality facilities and creative payment methods, it chose Electrolux Line 5000 machines in combination with the pay-per-wash system

Apartment buildings



Charlottenborg, an association of 311 apartments, has saved a good sum of money by reducing electricity and water consumption. “We have measured annual savings of SEK 52,000 [almost $8,500] by switching to new energy-efficient equipment for both washing and drying.”
Roland Bengtsson, technician at HSB Skåne

Student homes

Malmö Student House


The new facility is a great success: it’s become a natural gathering point where students meet, enjoy a snack and study while keeping an eye on their laundry.
Students need a pre-programmed keycard or tag to enter, which is also used to book laundry times and study rooms, all via the Electrolux Professional Laundry Vision system

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