Electrolux Professional offers a wide range of planetary mixers, dough kneaders and sheeters to suit the needs of all bakery, pastry and pizza preparations

Emix - planetary mixer

Planetary mixers

Maximum performance. Compact yet powerful. Sturdiness above all.

A wide range of planetary mixers: from 5 to 80 litres.
Easy to add ingredients during operation.
A “clip” system, without screws, for easy removal and cleaning of the splashguard.

Superior performance in kneading, blending and whipping thanks to:

  • exclusive design
  • variable speed rotation
  • tools that perfectly adapt to the bowl, for uniform mixing of even smallest quantities
  • 100% dishwasher safe tools, bowl and splash guard
Dough kneaders

Dough kneaders

Always a perfect mixture.

Dough kneaders, are the best choice for professional bakeries and pizzerias. We offer fork and spiral kneaders for preparing specialty bread, pizza dough and pastry.

Optimum kneading quality is reached every time by using either the slow speed for traditional kneading or an alternative speed for fast kneading.

Kneading units have a user-friendly touch control panel, with a timer for precise control.

Additionally, a safety device stops the machine when the protection screen is open.

Dough sheeters

Dough sheeters


  • Compact and easy to move
  • Teflon coated cylinders (Ø 60 mm)
  • Working width: 400 mm
  • Removable stainless steel slides


  • Wire safety screen
  • Teflon coated removable slides facilitate the sliding of the dough
  • Chrome plated steel cylinders (Ø 60 mm) may be adjusted depending on the thickness requested
  • Manual lever to invert cylinder rotation
  • Flour container fixed on the top of the machine
  • Remote foot pedal to change rolling direction (optional

Motorized belt

  • Models with 1 speed or variable speed
  • Tables can be raised to save space
  • Wire gratings with safety microswitch to stop motor if
    raised over a particular level
  • Manual lever to invert cylinder rotation
  • Working widths: 500 mm or 600 mm
    (depending on model)
  • Flour container fixed on the top of the machine
  • Remote foot pedal to change rolling direction
    (optional accessory)

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