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Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Supplies & Appliances

Few industries face the same kind of scrutiny and expectation of excellence daily as the hospitality industry. You are at the coalface in terms of addressing the immediate needs of your customer base. They arrive with expectations and ideas about the experience they are about to have, and so it is your duty to meet and exceed these as best you can.

However, without excellent commercial kitchen equipment, it is fair to say that your ability to achieve consistent standards relies entirely on your workforce being as highly skilled and at peak performance every day.
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Make a Positive Difference with Exceptional Commercial Kitchen Equipment

At Electrolux Professional, we seek to make your job a little bit easier and, as a consequence, your business that bit more profitable. For one hundred years we have developed, innovated and created the best of commercial kitchen supplies for renowned restaurants, hotels and cafes around the world. We make it possible for you to secure a complete range of high-performance kitchen and laundry products, and we are the only supplier in the world that can do so.

We are committed to sustainable solutions for business and Electrolux Professional is accredited according to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 9001 Quality Management System. As such, with our appliances working for you, your business can feel assured that your performance is optimised, and you meet the international industry-specific environmental standards.

Advantages of Opting for the Best Commercial Kitchen Supplies & Appliances in Australia

All hospitality businesses must look at the space that they have to play with before they ever open their doors. Determining an efficient use of space is essential, particularly in the kitchen so that the preparation of food is smooth and seamless. An Electrolux Professional fit-out affords you with the very best commercial kitchen appliances and a design that is specific to your space needs.

Energy efficiency must be a key consideration for any hospitality business. While your utility costs can skyrocket by using inferior equipment, it’s also true that failure to use forward-thinking solutions increases the risk of pollution incidents. Smart design, placing and spacing makes your kitchen much more energy-efficient and can minimise your environmental footprint.

Your customers depend on you to deliver a standard of excellence and so with high-quality professional kitchen equipment in place, you afford your kitchen staff the possibility of serving up consistently great food. Equipment that cannot achieve the same results every time it is used needs to be reconsidered and better, more reliable systems put in place.

The Electrolux Professional range in any kitchen makes it possible to maintain a high standard of cleanliness. This will ensure that you can deliver great service to your customers, but it also affords your staff the chance to work in a great environment. Great commercial kitchen equipment in Australia is a means of attracting the best of workers and achieving a reputation that inspires customer loyalty.

Commercial Kitchen Appliances Australia: The Global Name for Quality

Our mission with the Electrolux Professional range is to provide our customers with a global brand that is trusted throughout the world. Our greener products help you to streamline your utility costs and boost your environmental standing. What’s more, our customer care global network has over 2,200 authorised technical experts ready to tend to your industrial kitchen equipment. We are here to support you 24/7 from the day we install to end of life.

The best commercial kitchen appliances in Australia are crafted and supplied by the team here at Electrolux Professional. When you need to impress every hour of every day, there is no better brand to help you achieve the highest standard possible.

We are proud to be known as the premier global brand that businesses trust to get the job done. We supply Australia with commercial kitchen equipment in Sydney. Additionally, we specialise in delivering high-quality commercial kitchen equipment in Melbourne and commercial kitchen equipment in Perth. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.
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