Electrolux Professional salamanders are fast to heat up and simple to use.
Brown, gratin, cook, reheat and keep warm.


Ultra rapid flexibility

The fast way to perfect results

Air vents in the upper side allow better ventilation and heat reduction. The heating plate is adjustable with an extreme smooth rail system. An intuitive control knob let you set time easily and see it on the digital display.

Start and stop cooking at anytime

Touch controlled plate detecting bar: it automatically activates the heating elements on contact with dishes.
Save on energy costs and reduce the heat in your kitchen.

Reduce heat and energy costs

With two independent cooking zones you can place your dish under the glass ceramic panel while turning on only half of it.
Work in complete flexibility. The salamander heats only the part that you need.



Fast, high efficiency heating system. Reach the optimal temperature in 20 seconds.


Easy to use

Super intuitive to use and to set time.



Automatic contact-controlled heat activation/deactivation. Keep your kitchen cooler and save on energy.

easy to clean

Easy to clean

Stress free maintenance with extractable trays and greeds.

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