line 6000 evolution barrier washer

Line 6000
Barrier Washers

Take total control of contamination in sensitive laundry environments.

Implement failsafe laundry cycle management programmes in high-risk applications. A wide range of high productivity Barrier Washers designed to remove human error and protect against accidental contamination.

Line 6000 Pullman Barrier Washer

Water savings

Reduce water consumption by 50% with a Barrier Washer fitted with a second drain valve.

Enhanced usability, superior safety

Maximise hygiene in healthcare applications

Robust infection prevention measures to eliminate contamination risk

Operator support in high-output laundries

Dual-partition drum and auto-positioning for easy manual handling of heavy loads

Intelligent control

Intuitive interface in dirty and clean zones for failsafe disinfection

Maximise hygiene in healthcare applications

healthcare laundry room
Barrier washing technology helps prevent the spread of infection through effective and repeatable laundry cycle management.
Line 6000 Barrier Washers provide a physical barrier between dirty and clean laundry zones and sit flush with the wall for easy cleaning.


The Hygiene Watchdog feature stops accidental door openings to protect against cross-contamin

Operator support in high-output laundries

All Line 6000 Barrier Washers feature the Ergocert 4-star rating and include ergonomic door handles and optimised door height for easy loading and unloading.
Models with more than 50kg capacity include a dual-compartment partition drum which automatically assumes the correct unloading position at the end of each cycle.


The Auto Inner Door Opening feature maximises operator safety by pre-opening the inner drum doors at the end of each wash cycle.

inner door opening

Intelligent control

Pullman Clarus Vibe
The new ClarusVibe control* is Electrolux Professional’s most intuitive display to date.
It comes pre-set with a wide range of self-explanatory programs to improve productivity and reduce running costs.
Both the dirty and clean side of the Barrier Washers feature their own display to avoid operators moving between different zones.

* Only available on Pullman line

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