myPRO zip self service laundries

Laundry solutions for Self-service

Ideal for use in small and medium-sized apartment blocks and shared housing facilities, myPRO combines durability with efficiency, allowing residents to wash and dry more quickly with less hassle. Save money while your residents save time.

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myPRO family for smart business
Professional programs

Up to 50% faster than domestic machines, plus greater flexibility, with programs for a wide variety of applications, including disinfection programs.

Disinfection programs

Greater flexibility, with programs for a wide variety of applications, including disinfection programs to help you meet hygiene and cleanliness requirements.

Automatic Moisture Control

Shorter drying cycle thanks to real time control of moisture level inside garments.
Prevents fibers from over-drying, saves time, and gives users peace of mind.

myPRO self service laundries

Efficient and reliable

“I don’t need to worry about breakdowns in the laundry room”

  • Washer and dryer designed to last 3 times longer than domestic machines
  • Warranty for professional applications
  • Greater flexibility with External Dosing System
myPRO self service laundries

Save money while users save time

“As the cycle time is shorter, I have many happy end-users”

  • Up to 50% faster with professional programs
  • Best-in-class dewatering that facilitate the drying and ironing phases
  • Shorter drying cycle thanks to Automatic Moisture Control

Safety and ergonomy

“With the safety door, my customers can relax when children are around”

  • Peace of mind with child-safe dooreasy to push open from inside
  • Fast and easy overview of inner drum with drum light
  • Less vibration and noise thanks to highly effective shock absorbance system

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