Electrolux Professional is The OnE Trusted Partner – now more than ever

Our world has changed, and we know the impact on many of our customers has been tremendous. In these uncertain times Electrolux Professional is here for you.

Electrolux Professional is a global leader in the industry providing food, beverage and laundry equipment to our customers. As member of the global community of hospitality and laundry professionals we are proud to support you in this unprecedented time.

Be assured that we have put substantial efforts and resources into managing this uncertain situation in order to safeguard our customer’s needs.

We have taken precautionary measures to ensure business continuity for our customers including:

  • Inventory planning and management adjusted to mitigate supply chain disruptions.
  • Stock levels increased in major warehouses and decentralized to local warehouses to ensure products close to our customers and ready to ship.
  • “Two Pairs of Eyes” – our advanced contactless service tool now available to keep our customers safe and drastically reduce service downtime.
  • Customer Care and Technical Services are operating as normal and committed to providing continuous support.

Steps to ensure safety and
prolong performance during inactive periods


Electrolux Professional wishes to provide you with some measures that will prolong the life of your machine when stopped for long periods of time.

E-training online

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Write us to participate in our e-training to discover our solutions on Food Service, Laundry, Beverage and our Innovative Assistance Services

Staying close to customers
with augmented reality service


With “Two Pairs of Eyes” service technicians are still able to provide remote support to customers thanks to Augmented Reality that Professional is speedily making more widely available.

Read how we have supported our customers during this emergency


The safety and well-being of our employees, customers and partners remains our top priority. As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation evolves we will continue to adjust, adapt and move forward.

Close to our customers especially in emergencies

Read below some good stories that happened during lockdown

Coffee – Tomball
Texas, USA

Barbarossa Coffee opened it’s first location in May 2017. Exactly three years later Barbarossa Coffee has opened it’s second location in Tomball, Texas. What couldn’t have been planned for is that the new location would be opening amid a global pandemic and extensive new regulations limiting customer traffic and changing how customers are served.

Barbarossa Coffee offers their customers a unique coffee experience fueled by passion : 20 different kinds of coffee brewed in 6 different ways.

Additionally they host coffee tasting sessions which allow their customers a guided experience in tasting the various and complex flavors of the coffee. In order to provide this experience, Barbarossa required an espresso machine that would be an extension of the barista and perform so that each coffee is presented with exactly the flavor profile desired.

Our 3-group multi—boiler precision espresso machine matched Barbarossa’s needs exactly and had proven to be the perfect fit at the first location. Barbarossa’s second machine was installed in the new location in by an ASA with extensive precautions taken to protect both the installer and the employees. The store opened on May 8 and owner Oguzhan Guragac states,

“My staff is working with their masks on, washing their hands or using hand sanitizer after each customer interaction, wiping down tables and chairs immediately after customers leave.”


Electrolux Professional is proud to partner with Barbarossa Coffee during these unprecendented times to achieve their mission to ‘Serve the best coffee brewed with love in Texas’.

Photo: Electrolux Professional Internal

Moving mountains in hygiene for Dominican Republic Hospitals with Barrier Laundries

Santo Domingo has first-rate private hospitals and clinics with top-notch technology and amenities. This is also true for the Dominican Republic’s other major city, Santiago. Their staff is mostly bilingual and highly educated (mainly in the United States). These hospitals will perform organ transplants and other major surgeries. When it came to lifting the standards, the government played a key role in funding most advanced healthcare concept – and landed at Electrolux Professional. 

Educated by our key consultants trained in our factories in Troyes, the President himself was giving direction towards ultimate hygiene and safety for newly build Hospital Cities. As a result, hospital concepts were rethought during construction and built around the concept of Electrolux’s barrier laundry “Laundry Cycle Management”. 

Join us on an impressive journey through first-class hospitals: Hospital Docente Universitario Dario Contreras, Hospital Jaime Mota de Barahona, Hospital Clínico Quirúrgico, Hospital Materno Infantil – the result of a 360 relationship between Electrolux Professional expertspartners delivering turnkey solutions and service providers not letting faith decide over anything.

Consistently transferring knowledge to our partners Calmaquip and SEMINSA, being close to them 24/7, created a team of ultimate trust in the brand, the people and the future together. 

Photo: Electrolux Professional Internal
Photo: Electrolux Professional Internal
Photo: Electrolux Professional Internal
Photo: Electrolux Professional Internal

Keeping a family-owned suburban deli alive : Mrs. Marty’s Deli
Broomall, Pennsylvania, US

Being well known as “Home of the Original Brisket Hoagie” and its Jewish specialties, Mrs. Marty’s Deli looked at the pandemic from a different angle. Switching quickly towards drive through and take away made them rethink their menu adding frozen drinks for the upcoming warmer spring/summer period. The I-Pro 2 Frozen Granita dispenser, with its double insulated bowls, allows it to standup well to rising temperatures. 

The I-Pro 2 is the perfect solution for the company’s menu expansion as it’s able to quickly mix and freeze a variety of different frozen treats. With the full support of our local partners Corsi and Associates Foodservice Consultants, the Deli is gaining profitability day by day – even during limited opening hours. 

Photo: Marty’s Deli website

The “Nordic Light” in the pandemic: Norway Ambulances count on highest level of laundry hygiene

The Electrolux Professional team in Norway has accumulated over many years a high level of expertise, knowledge and good confidence in the market on especially barrier washers and dryers. When Norway partially closed down in mid-March, the Norwegian health-authorities changed the guidelines and adopted new infection control regulations to secure the safety against further infection in several different industries including the health sector. Therefore, the ambulance stations were made aware that they had to change their washing routines and equipment in line with the new industry standards such as washing at 85 degrees for 10 minutes.

Thanks to the efforts of Electrolux Professional Authorized Partner T. Sebergsen AS, Electrolux Professional Laundry solutions were selected to equip 18 new ambulance stations in Finnmark area.

Jinsoo Kang, Head of Sales Laundry at Electrolux Professional Norway, commented “a local partner like Sebergsen with 40 years of experience within the industry shows how important trust, security and quality are for our customers”.

Sebergsen offered a complete solution including Electrolux Professional washers, Heat Pump drying cabinets, service, assembly and preparation as well as programming for Automatic Dosing System. A full “360 delivery”, where value for money, quality and solution made a key difference for the customer. To meet the specific and challenging conditions of the infrastructure in all 18 locations, it was recommended to offer easy to install Heat Pump drying cabinets – for both environmental and cost efficiency reasons in the long term.

Most ambulance stations have used domestic products in the past, moving now towards professional equipment. Standing out from the others, the ambulance station in Tromsø will be the first station in Norway to switch to a complete barrier solution. Setting a new bar in laundry hygiene for ambulance stations, there is big potential for a new standard for other stations in the future. “Until now, we have gained 117 Ambulance stations in total – most of them equipped with WH6-6 (6kg) Professional washers. Thanks to a longstanding, reliable cooperation with our partner network such as Sebergsen, Lilleborg Professional and Staples we were able to drive the change”, closes Jinsoo.

Photo: Electrolux Professional internal

The human heart of a metropolis: Milan’s young Chefs’ Lunch program “Made in Corvetto”
Milan, Italy

Piazza Ferrara is on the outskirts of South East Milan, in the Corvetto district, a not so extensive but very populated neighborhood that is part of one of the oldest areas of Milan.

Having redeveloped the concept of the municipal market, the project “Made in Corvetto” includes a neighborhood kitchen with two young guys who not only bet on deliveries or take away, as is obvious, but look around and try to “bring a moment of happiness to those who experience difficulties”. Words by Fabio Mondino, young chef, who together with his friend Erik Avolio manages the “neighborhood kitchen”, in the Municipal Market covered by Piazzale Ferrara.

During the pandemic days, the neighborhood kitchen has launched a social initiative: for each € 10 menu, € 1 is destined for the “Lunch for all” project to help those in economical difficulty. You could also donate the entire lunch (€ 10), with the “Suspended Lunch” formula: to anonymously offer a meal to a stranger in need.

All food was prepared using Electrolux Professional appliances: oven, blast chiller and some other modular cooking functions. The young chefs were trained by the Electrolux Professional Chef Academy, in February, when the kitchen started operating (see picture with our sales guys and our chef, during the inauguration).

Photo: Moments of happiness created by Chefs Fabio Mondino and Erik Avolio

During lockdown in the UK AGS has continued to trade and support customers old and new.

Some businesses found that during the down time in trade it would be a good idea to refurbish their machinery. Due to the fact Associated Group Services Limited (AGS) hold large stocks of Electrolux Professional washers and dryers they were able to supply and deliver equipment to site.

AGS have supplied multiple Super 8 machinery into launderettes that have completed total refurbishments in Leyton and Walthamstow in London which has been installed within days of the equipment being delivered. As well as this some of our customers have replaced individual machinery in Stockport, Hitchin and Wales.

AGS has managed to support (and is still supporting) hospitals,  hotels (looking after NHS workers), care homes, nursing homes, dry cleaners and launderettes who need to ensure that their machinery is in good working order as well as carrying out servicing in preparation for when things get back to normal businesses will be able to cope with returning customers.

During the downtime of laundry/launderette business AGS have given a lot of advice to callers covering various subjects that everyone has been affected by. AGS strive to communicate and support existing and new customers through this very trying time with Electrolux laundry machinery leading the way.

Photo: Electrolux Professional internal

The « Hidden Heroes » : The Essentia(l) Service that makes the everyday difference behind the scenes in Facility Management
Glasgow, UK

Established in 1985 by Lord and Lady Haughey in Glasgow, UK, City Facilities Management followed a distinctly different approach to facilities management.

Replacing client/contractor relationships with long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships enabled City Group to grow into one of the world’s most trusted facilities management companies with divisions across Europe, Australia, North America and Asia.

With safety at the heart of City’s values, their top priority is to keep over 10,000 colleagues safe as they support the delivery of vital services across retail and healthcare sectors in the UK. Values that Electrolux Professional’s team is proudly supporting with bespoke Essentia Excellence Service.

This Essentia contract provides essential cover to over 390 Food Superstores and distributions centres in the UK and Ireland. Each superstore has 1 x Washer, 1 x Tumble dryer complete with efficient dosing and process validation to verify thermal decontamination of each wash. Thus, to ensure that each store has a readily available supply of clean and ready to use microfibre cleaning textiles and their hygiene requirements are met 7 days a week.

The level of service provided to City FM is even more essential during the pandemic. Electrolux Professional’s partner network, back office and technical department continue to provide a first-class service and continuously meet the KPI’s set by City FM and their client base.

“Centre Hospitalier Régional Universitaire”

The laundry at “Centre Hospitalier Régional Universitaire” de Lille (CHRU) started operations in 1983 with a capacity of minimum 18.000 kg of linen per day, mainly via tunnel washers.  In 2007, they relied on the Electrolux Professional Barrier solution to process all laundry not compatible with Continuous Batch Washing.

In the context of COVID-19, the CHRU decided to disinfect all linen potentially contaminated by the virus in separate Washer Extractors before washing some in the tunnels. Due to the rapid increase of volume, there was an urgent need of a third 70 kg Barrier Washer. The Electrolux Professional team ensured availability and transport of equipment in time while the CHRU completed the seamless workflow from onloading the truck to installation and water connection. Our technical partner GSCE enabled the « go-live » of operations on April 3rd.

Photo: Electrolux Professional internal

A safe home for foreign workers

Two floating accommodation facilities parked in a restricted area at Tanjong Pagar Terminalare housing healthy foreign workers from mid of April. Each can take a few hundred people, and be organised to achieve safe distancing. 

Meals can be prepared off-site and delivered to the cabins to minimise inter-mingling. Electrolux Professional Kitchen and Laundry solutions on site ensure a proper hygiene workflow, maximum food safety, cleanliness and efficiency and overall healthy conditions for the population.

Recently, in Singaporecoronavirus clusters in foreign worker dormitoriesare a grave concern, and efforts are being made to reduce the density within each dormitory. While building new dormitories will take time, making use of such floating accommodation facilities – typically used by those in offshore and marine industries – was another solution. 

Workers can have fresh air, at the open-air deck to exercise an hour a dayThere is also a medical facility that can attend to the workers who are ill. 

PhotoLoipart SEA Pte Ltd (Electrolux Professional Authorized Partner)

Helping Restaurant Chains to ramp up
for delivery and reopening

How do you manage your kitchen operations within a small footprint whilst offering an extensive menu in peak times? Keeping productivity high, energy and water consumption low – and coping with additional hygiene & safety regulations during and beyond the Coronavirus pandemic. Ensuring replicability and process compliance for multiple outlets, standardized workflows and a partner that services across borders. 

Electrolux Professional’s team in Australia was confronted with these exact requirements for warewashing from a global Restaurant Chain and their outlet in Glen Waverly, Victoria.  

Having teamed up with our factory and colleagues in Shanghai leveraging on their experience with the customer, the Australian team was able to fast track the proposal and deliver the new Electrolux Professional Flight Type and Undercounter dishwasher. Right on time – despite the challenges during Coronavirus travel ban and restrictions providing an outstanding after-sales service through Essentia which made a clear difference for the customer. 

Going the extramile, our Chains experts even added a world’s first laundry solution: with myPRO smart laundry package they are able to wash staff linen inhouse so to be independent and effectivemyPRO includes specific hygiene wash programs so to comply to the everyday need of clean and disinfected garments. 

Working closely with the customer and their building contractor, we were able to exceed their expectations with a seamless installation, commissioning and training” commented Colin Cassells, Business Manager Chains & Beverage Segment at Electrolux Professional ANZ 

Photo: by Buenosia Carol

Setting the bar for linen hygiene:
Process recommendation for National Health Association, China

Standardizing procedures, continuous monitoring and visualization of hygiene procedures are foundational to improve hygiene standards in the Care Sector. The Electrolux Professional team in China provided insights into effective linen hygiene, disinfection and avoiding cross-contamination for the National Health Association in China. The way to comply with the RABC standard and thus to ensure a proper hygiene level to millions of patients is described and went online on NHA’s WeChat channel.

Read the full article here.

Photo: Electrolux Professional internal

Prevention means protection:
How Peking Union Medical College Hospital
benchmarked linen hygiene already years ago

Having 10.000 outpatients per day and dealing with 10 tons of linen, the challenge of proper hygiene laundry management was adressed in Bejing years ahead of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Read more about how the hospital management decided to insource their laundry to ensure high efficiency and being at the forefront of Chinese Healthcare

Photo: Electrolux Professional internal

SSP joins Electrolux Professional in adding a bit of sweetie to the life of healthcare heroes in UK 

During these months Electrolux Professional UK have been partnering up with SSP Group Plc. to show appreciation for the wonderfuljob of the local NHSstaff (UK National Health Service) heavily under pressure during this pandemic period. 

SSP Group Plc. operates around 570 units across approximately 130 airports and railway stations in the UK and Ireland. In their portfolio are some of the best-known brands in Great Britain and they also offer their own brands  such as Millie’s Cookies and Upper Crust. 

Both Beth Seager and Andre Riphagen from Electrolux Professional UK have been safely baking Millie’s Cookies in our local Center of Excellence in our SkyLine ovens, ready for them to be delivered to the Luton and Dunstable NHS Trust and the Bedford NHS Trust to thank the fantastic healthcare workers in the local hospitals 

Photo: Electrolux Professional internal

Electrolux Professional dishwashers for the farm

The trend towards regional farm products opens up a new application segment for Electrolux Professional: high-quality professional dishwashers that meet the highest hygiene standards.

Swiss researchers at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts recently investigated how everyday life in corona times affects people’s consumer behaviour*. From the results of their survey, the scientists concluded that many people would want to eat healthier in the future and are also paying more attention to the regional nature of food. The changed behaviour could reinforce the trend towards farm shops – not only in Switzerland, but also in Austria and Germany.

Yoghurt and drinking milk are among the popular farm products. But producing and marketing dairy products themselves has so far been viewed with scepticism by agricultural dairy farmers. After all, the most important question facing farms is: How can farm products such as drinking milk or yoghurt be packaged in such a way that they meet the high hygienic requirements of food safety?

Electrolux Professional looked into this possibility after the company received a request from the agricultural sector. Read the results we achieved in the full article here.

Photo: Electrolux Professional internal

Fighting against hunger in North Carolina:
The overarching mission of FeedNC, Mooresville, NC, US 

Every night, people in almost 630,000 North Carolina households don’t have enough to eat. North Carolina has the 8th highest rate of food insecurity in the nation. A food-secure household means that all members of the home have access to enough healthy and nutritious food, supporting an active and healthy lifestyle. 

There’s where FeedNC’s mission is anchored. With over 450 regular volunteers, serving approximately 150 guests each day,hosting countless visitors, FeedNC’s mission is more than providing a hot meal. It is to create healthy, stable families who can meet their needs – and can readily call on outside resources when necessary. In order to help FeedNC on managing their food supply, storage, preparation and meal distribution, Electrolux Professional North America donated solutions for refrigeration (including blast chilling) and dishwashing. To set a landmark in fighting against the cycle of hunger and poverty. 


How to get your garments washed with « Social Distance »:
Join the unprecedented story of two passionate Laundrette co-founders 

When meeting with these two young ladies, your first thought is truly on « fashionettes » rather than laundrette owners. And fashion was that brought them to NYC years ago working for prestiguos fashion magazines and coming from Germany where everyone is used to have his/her own washer at home. Experiencing the first oh my god, my white dress is grey », they took a decision to provide high-end launderette service to their neighborhood. Their entrepreneurship and believe in a 5-Star-customer service model took Corinna and Theresa Williams to a truly sustainable business. Fully equipped with Electrolux Professional high performing washers and dryers. 

Now, facing coronavirus period, staying home regulations and people’s fear to meet a crowd in the laundromat, the co-founders of Celsious have been roactive again being only open for drop-offs and collections now , but offering priority booking for anyone on the front lines, workers in essential services, the immunocompromised, those 65 years or older, and families with small children. On top, they’re providing useful advise on taking care of garments when washing them at home. In addition, Corinna and Theresa have set up a Laundry Love fund at Celsious for New York neighbors who have been financially impacted by COVID-19.


Being part of OnE makes the difference
for customers and our own people. 

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