Electrolux Professional has a wide range of management systems and softwares, that meet the highest quality standards, in order to create special added value for each demanding customer.

Laundry Program Manager

Is an intuitive, easy to use PC-tool to create or customize Electrolux washer or dryer programs from your PC. It is compatible with washers using Compass Control, Compass Pro, Clarus Control and Clarus TS. It is compatible with dryers using Compass Pro control system.

Certus Management Information System™

CMIS (Certus Management Information System™) is a software which provides laundry professionals with vital information about their washer extractors, tumble dryers and ironers. All in order to minimize costs and maximize uptime of the equipment.

Text Management Information System Stay in control

Improving the concept of user-friendly laundries.

Costly downtime can be reduced and preventive maintenance is easier to plan with direct access to machine performance and service statistics.

You gain increased control over both your machines and your time when the system informs directly of machine failure or maintenance requirements.

Many practical options

Coin Meters

Tokens or coins, mechanical or electromechanical

Card readers

Prepaid, keycards,
bank cards


Connected to existing payment systems

Smart meters

Stand-alone mechanism to turn the power supply on or off

Central payment

Single payment station to monitor several machines

Booking systems
with monthly payment

One device per laundry to book machines in person or remotely. Several payment options

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