Accessories and Consumables
Cook and chill

Get the best results out of your air-o-system thanks to the use of our original Accessories & Consumables.

volano smoker

The volcano smoker

The volcano smoker is the perfect accessory to make your smoking flavored recipes directly in the combi oven, using the traditional methods with wood chips or dried spices.

vacuum packer sous vide

The vacuum packer

The vacuum packaging accessories are indispensable to perform sous-vide cooking and are useful to store food protected from harmful effects of moisture and air.

sous vide probe

The sous vide probe

The sous vide probe ensures that the right temperature is accurately reached during sous vide cooking. With a special diagonal cut needle you can avoid to break the vacuum sealed.

trays cook and chill

Grids and trays

A wide range of cooking solutions to easily enlarge your menu using the air-o-steam Touchline: from Universal Pans, Frying Griddles and much more.

accessories chicken system

Chicken system

Combine the dedicated cooking cycle for crispy and juicy roasted chickens with the dedicated accessories that improve handling and ergonomics.

detergents efficient cleaning electrolux professional accessories and consumables

Extra strong clean and rinse

Our detergents are in compliance with hygiene and safety standards and highly efficient for the equipment and product performance.

Discover how to personalize your cook and chill system

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