Pebble ice makers

The new Pebble Ice Maker from Electrolux is the latest addition to our range of ultra-efficient, easy-to-clean machines and the answer to all your ice needs.

The age of pebble ice

The right ice makes all the difference to your business.
Wherever you are and however much you need, Electrolux has the high performance, energy efficient pebble ice maker for you.

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Low environmental impact

The use of natural gas R290 as the refrigerant means that pebble ice makers are better for the environment and future generations too.

water savings icon

Zero waste, high efficiency

1 liter of water = 1 kg of ice
Lower utility bills for you and zero waste of the world’s most precious resource: water.

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Ideal for every application

Use Pebbles in every application, in every sector: from catering and hospitality, to retail, industry and medicine.

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