Soft Serve solutions

Small, silent and powerful Soft Ice Cream Dispensers will make your business boom.


Dispensing performance

The perfect product every time in as little as 10 minutes from start to serve.

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Silent and compact

Ideal for small spaces.

Compact Soft Serve

Soft Ice Cream Dispensers, up to 85 cones/hour

Professional and space-saving

In developing this new range of ice cream and frozen yogurt, Electrolux Professional has created a compact counter-top range ideal for small spaces. Easy to operate, practical and reliable our soft ice cream dispenser is quiet and easy to clean. Gravity or pump version available.


Soft Ice Cream Dispensers, up to 150 cones/hour

Quality soft ice cream for high volume locations

This range is one of the smallest and most economical machines on the market. The innovative cooled hopper ensures high production, maintaining quality.
Choose between two feed systems: gravity or pump fed.

Electrolux Professional-soft-ice-cream-dispenser-150-cones

High Capacity Soft Serve

Soft Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt – up to 290 cones*/h

Single-flavor, countertop unit to serve your customers’ favorite soft serve treat

The Capri range of high volume soft serve equipment is the perfect solution to make offering soft serve fast, easy, and profitable.

Capri Soft Ice Dispenser


Soft Ice Cream Dispensers, up to 380 cones*/h

Single-flavor, floor standing unit to serve more of your signature flavor

The Firenze range of soft serve equipment is our highest volume single-flavor dispenser. The 13 liters tank plus 1,95 cylinder capacity ensure that you’re prepared to meet the demand of your customers.

Firenze Soft Ice Dispenser


Soft Ice Cream Dispensers, up to 600 cones*/h

Two-flavor, countertop unit to spark your creativity

The Portofino range of high volume soft serve equipment allows you to serve two flavors  and even twist the flavors together for a third creative option. The operator-friendly digital touchscreen controls make it easy to set and monitor the equipment.

Portofino Soft Ice Dispenser


Soft Ice Cream Dispensers, up to 650 cones*/h

Two-flavor, floor standing unit to maximize your soft serve potential

The Roma range of soft serve equipment is our highest volume soft serve dispenser offering two-flavor dispensing plus the option to twist the flavors. The two 13 ltrs tanks plus two 1,95 cylinders give you the storage and serving capacity you need even on the busiest days.

Roma Soft Ice Dispenser


All High Capacity Soft Serve dispensers are available with a gravity or pump feeding system. Choose the system
that is right for you.

Using the pump system allows you to achieve high overrun, the incorporation of more air into the frozen product, to create a lighter, softer texture that maximizes profitability. The efficient air-cooled system does not require a water connection making installation and operation simple and cost-effective.

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