A complete cleaning service
in 55 minutes

lagoon® Advanced Care

Fast, easy and green.
Cleaning solutions for professional textile care.

water lagoon advanced care

Say goodbye to solvent-based cleaning.


Environmentally friendly with no toxic chemicals used in processes, as water is the solvent.

Delicate on the delicates

Outstanding results with most precious textiles and fine wool labelled dry-clean only.

A real game changer

Easy wet cleaning with no hard-to-learn procedure and no bottlenecks.

High productivity

Improved loading factor and enhanced cleaning action. Faster process times for a quicker return on investment.

The best cleaning performance

Fast effective cleaning lets you offer customers an express delivery service.

Unique continuous workflow for a more efficient service

The vanguard of wet cleaning: all the benefits of water
with the speed and simplicity of solvent-cleaning.

lagoon  advanced care workflow

“Those who look to the future will choose lagoon® Advanced Care”

Thanks to lagoon® Advanced Care we can really do anything, now, with water.  Garments come out of the process extremely clean and restoring them to shape has become an easy task. We have no need to use solvents anymore.
With lagoon® Advanced Care, we now only do wet cleaning. It is safer for us to work with water and it is safe for the environment.

Garments are not only really clean, they smell fresh and have such a nice feeling to the touch.
Just one hour for a perfectly finished piece. We can even offer an express service when needed. We are satisfied with the operations and our customers love the results!”

James Leat ‘ideal CLEANERS’ owner

A flexible, modular solution
you can tailor to your needs

lagoon® Advanced Care is available as 2 different-capacity solutions,
giving you maximum flexibility and the option of expanding at a later date.

Essential set
70 small items/day

Enter the wet cleaning business with a professional
solution that perfectly complements any existing
dry-cleaning operation. Best-in-class performance
with a small footprint: that’s lagoon® Advanced Care.

Processing capacity
6 to 8 small items per cycle.

Absolute set
250 small items/day

The ideal solution to replace a 15 kg dry-cleaning
operation and enjoy full flexibility with the option
of adding capacity. As the Absolute Set includes
the Essential set, you can also offer an express
service. Large duvets can be treated in-house
with the Absolute Set.

Processing capacity
6 to 8 small items + 18 to 27 items per cycle.

Get in touch with our team of experts and find out what Electrolux can do for your business.

Endorsed by experts

No textile wear, colour loss or permanent dimensional change, after multiple cleaning cycles – certified by the Hohenstein Institute.

lagoon® has been endorsed by The Woolmark Company as suitable for wet-cleaning even the finest wools labelled dry-clean only.

“Barnes the Cleaners”

It was a bit of a challenge educating people about the differences between dry cleaning and wet cleaning.

It’s still a new and innovative concept, but now customers are much more receptive and the people have been extremely accepting and enthusiastic about what we are doing.
We’ve done extremely well there and we can process over one hundred items per day. People choose us over a traditional drycleaners because it’s a much better for the environment and for their clothes.

And from a business perspective it’s great, because we can deal with any challenge presented to us. Whether it’s an everyday suit, a wedding dress, a leather jacket, or a suede skirt; we can accept absolutely anything.

Amanda Barnes, owner at Barnes the Cleaners, Devon – Uk

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