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The First-in-Industry technology Encapsulair and Java-tate, found in the top-line PrecisionBrew Air Heated model, maintain the peak flavor profile of the beverage for longer. The advanced touchscreen simplifies and streamlines brewing and operations. Thanks to its innovative features the PrecisionBrew has been named among the 2019 Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award recipients by the National Restaurant Association in US as a progressive equipment that increases efficiency and productivity.


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Consistent performance

The Encapsulair shuttle uses the insulating power of air between its internal chambers to surround and protect your brewed coffee, evenly maintaining temperature and flavor.



Streamline brewing

The intuitive, icon-driven touchscreen digital interface simplifies and streamlines brewing and operation.

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Consistently delicious

The Java-tate feature gently stirs the coffee at regular short intervals to keep it perfectly blended and ensure a consistent flavor profile.

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