LiberoPro Line, a professional plug & play modular cooking range dedicated to customers who want to deliver exceptional, but flexible and trendy dining experiences in a small footprint, indoor and outdoor.

Work a solid 8 hours with LiberoPro

You can rely on this premium “kitchen partner”: working a solid 8 hours in a row, having a user-friendly and compact solution, which includes full induction hobs to reach up to 90% of energy efficiency.  New freedom in cooking: this is LiberoPro.


8 hours of work
in a row

High performance for any business need



Install it anywhere with the Plug & Play solution


Smart design
and usability

Easy-to-use. A versatile solution with the drop-in layout



Up to 90%* of energy efficiency. 100% recyclable packaging and FSC compliant

* Compared to Electrolux Professional traditional gas function.

Induction Mono Zone


Induction Double Zone

Max pan size: 350×450 mm with Bridge function


Top uniformity

  • High power with big pots, big precision with small pots
  • Sleek design with a versatile drop-in solution that can be integrated into existing counters or cooking blocks
  • Speed and flexibility thanks to the induction heating system and smart electronic control
  • Prepare even the most delicate of foods such as caramel or melted chocolate using small pots
    (minimum diameter: 120 mm)
  • Operator can set power level and time

Drop-in configuration


Save up to 20% on your energy bills*

Rapid and efficient
Performance and maximum energy efficiency go hand in hand with productivity. *Great energy efficiency thanks to LiberoPro hobs induction technology compared to Electrolux Professional infrared models.

LiberoPro Bridge icon

Make it better!
Make it bigger!

Combine two separate areas of the Double Zone to create a larger surface with temperature and settings automatically aligned by the Bridge.

LiberoPro Griddle



Griddle XL

XL: extra strong, extra productive. 11 kg/h of hamburgers* 18 pieces in 7 minutes


Top uniformity

  • Powerful, high performance with induction
  • Outstanding cooking uniformity and fast temperature recovery
  • Even cooking results wherever you cook – thanks to the aluminium layer in the cooking plate the whole surface cooks evenly, from the centre to the corners
  • Designed for professional use: non-stick and food contact compliant cooking surface
  • Set temperature levels from 60 °C to 280 °C

Top-notch daily results

Unbeatable surface cooking evenness
Productivity is always guaranteed with the induction technology. Even with frozen food, the reactive surface is able to support the fast recovery of the set temperature.

High performance for excellent cooking results
Extraordinary temperature precision and optimum cooking uniformity. The LiberoPro Griddles have the capacity to keep constant temperature with a minimum fluctuation of 2 °C**.


Accessories & Consumables


C40 Degreaser Detergent
For Hot Surfaces

– code 0S1841

Excellent cleanability
Activate the cleaning function that brings griddle
temperature to 180 °C and apply Electrolux
Professional C40 Degreaser for Hot Surfaces.

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LiberoPro Bridge icon

Make it better!
Make it bigger!

Combine two separate areas of the Griddle XL to create a larger surface with temperature and settings automatically aligned by the Bridge.

 * Test in accordance with the norm ASTM F1275 – 03 with frozen hamburger (220gr) with LiberoPro Griddle XL. 5,5 Kg/h of hamburger with LiberoPro Griddle

**Measured in idle conditions according to Electrolux Professional internal test procedure




Power in cooking

  • The 3 phases version is perfect for a powerful cooking, such as stir-frying abundant vegetables.

Drop-in configuration


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