Experience unprecedented savings in your drying process thanks to our Heat Pump dryers range

Electrolux Professional advanced technology allows up to 65% energy saving in the drying process.

Thanks to patented solutions, the savings in energy does not impact the drying time, which is approximately the same as in a vented machine.


Electrolux Professional Heat Pump range: high productivity, high energy saving, low carbon footprint.


Why should you consider the our Heat Pump technology?

Energy Savings

Whether your are experiencing a surge in your electricity bill, or you are just concerned for your impact on the environment, Line 6000 Heat Pump Tumble Dryers are your number one choice.
Save up to 65% in energy compared a to traditional vented machine, enjoy an easy installation process and a quick return on your investmentt.

High Productivity

Experience an unprecedented productivity outcome, as the average drying times of the Heat Pump range is now comparable to that of a regular vented machine.
Additional features like the Moisture Balance, guarantee that the dryer stops as soon as the garments are dry, with no waste of productive time.

Environmental Impact

Proudly reduce greenhouse gas emission by 33%*in kg CO2 per drying cycle, and positively contribute to the emissions reduction. A heat pump dryer is also less noisy compared with a traditional dryer and will not release micro lint into the fresh air.

*will vary from country to country.

Easy Installation

The Heat Pump line is suitable for installation almost anywhere thanks to a small footprint and plug & play capabilities. This saves money in installation costs because there is no need for exhaust or a water cooling system.

Vented vs Heat Pump: make your choice

Discover how much you can save by choosing the heat pump technology and the ROI you can get.

Get in touch with our experts to see how much you can save by choosing Electrolux Professional rather than a competitor

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