Our experience with Electrolux has been very positive from the beginning, starting from the design/installation phase, following throughout the service and maintenance, thus significantly reducing the downtime of the machines.

Gianni Granzotto, director of International Tourist Village
Bibione, Italy

Heavy duty laundries

High performance, higher productivity, lower running costs and maximum transparency in the laundry process

Our solutions provide significant time and money savings

  • Optimised water, energy and detergent consumption
    thanks to intelligent technology
  • Faster cycle times
  • Faster and more economic drying processes, due to lowest water retention
  • Best ironing performance on the market
  • A wide range of ironing solutions – up to complete ironing lanes, including feeding and folding equipment
  • Greater service flexibility –
    experts, training and the world’s largest service network

HIA Commercial laundry

“Electrolux has helped us shift up a gear”.

Eva-Maj Axelsson, Laundry Manager HIA

Eksjö, Sweden

Configured for your requirements.
Choose your solution package.

Access solution

  • Extremely low water and energy consumption and up to 50% water savings for half loads
  • 30% less drying time
  • Particular care features for plane and smooth linen and ironing belts designed for extended use at high temperatures

2 x Front Load Washers (33 kg)
1 x Tumble Dryer (30.5 kg)
1 x Cylinder type Ironer (2065 mm)

Advanced solution

  • Excellent washing, excellent care thanks to the Integrated Saving System for optimal loading of washer
  • Drying process up to 10% faster and 15% more energy efficient
  • Direct Ironer Advanced  Moisture Management System

3 x Front Load Washers (45 kg)
1 x Tumble Dryer (45 kg)
1 x Cylinder type Ironer with feeder, folder and stacker (3170 mm)

Superior solution

  • Excellent washing thanks to the Integrated Saving System for optimal loading of washer and efficient water and detergent dosing
  • Best performance and high productivity: up to 10% faster and 15% more energy efficient
  • Chest type industrial ironer with mobile Super Flexible Chest and fixed roll, allowing for constant pressure and a maximum  ironing surface for the utmost ironing quality

3 x Front Load Washers (120 kg)
2 x Front Load Washers (65 kg)
1 x Front Load Washers (20 kg)
4 x Tumble Dryers (60 kg)
1 x Tumble Dryers (20 kg)
1 x C-Flex Ironer

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