900XP & 700XP Fry Tops
Discover the benefits of cooking on chrome

Non-scratch extra large chrome cooking surface to prepare your favorite foods in unlimited quantities.

An incomparable solution!

900 XP Fry TopHP with NitroChromesurface is a unique, non-scratch solution, ideal for heavy duty use, easier cooking, easier cleaning and low heat emission.

Discover more about the NitroChrome3

Non-scratch surface

NitroChrome3 guarantees extreme resistance to scratches and corrosion in addition to improving the non-stick properties of the cooking plate, ensuring express cleaning at the end of the day.


Polished Chrome Fry Top

Maximum quality regardless of your recipe. Griddle meat, fish and vegetables at the same time.


No flavor transfer

Cooking on the polished chrome, mirror finished surface avoids the mixing of flavors when passing from one type of food to another. Rapidly vary menus and satisfy customer demands thanks to the fast and easy cleaning during service.


Easy to clean

Cleaning made easy thanks to: 1-piece pressed cooking surface with rounded corners, large drain hole and removable 3-sided splashback.

Brushed Chrome Fry Top


Highly resistant

Rough brushed chrome surface is highly resistant to scratches and facilitates cleaning operations at the end of the day.


Energy savings

The chrome surface allows a savings of more than 10% in energy consumption during the pre-heating phase and approximately one third in stand-by, compared to mild steel surfaces. In addition, cooking on contact, results in less heat dispersion for a better working environment.


Food Safety Guaranteed

Electrolux Professional Fry Tops fully comply with the European Food Contact Materials Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004

Thermostatic control

Models with thermostatic control for precise temperature regulation and reduction in the amount of emissions generated by the food due to minimal “over shooting” of temperature on the cooking surface, resulting in a healthier and more comfortable working environment.

Choose your surface

Choose from a smooth, ribbed or mixed (smooth/ribbed) cooking surface according to your needs. Available with sloped or horizontal plate (ideal for shallow frying).

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