Electrolux Professional green&clean Rack Type Dishwashers are smooth and solid reliable solutions with access to real time data helping you to maximize and organize your dishwashing area. Increase your profitability load after load and monitor your work with OnE App.

Electrolux Professional, as the OnE trusted partner for single and full solutions, with its green&clean Single Rinse, Dual Rinse and Multi Rinse Rack Type dishwashers offers a wide range of appliances to satisfy every need.

Rack type dishwashers come with a selection of dedicated accessories and consumables.

Consistent results load after load

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Safety is peace of mind

Electrolux Professional designs dishwashing products with perfect sanitation in mind. Cutlery, dishes and glasses are properly clean and sanitize to avoid cross contamination and proliferations of bacteria. No more worries, sanitation is always under control.

Best-in-class safety

The new green&clean Multi Rinse Rack Type complies with:

  • North American NSF/ANSI 3: Commercial Warewashing Equipment standard for wares sanitation.
  • German DIN 10510: Food hygiene – Commercial dishwashing with multitank-transport dishwashers – Hygiene requirements, procedure testing standard for hygiene requirements of multitank dishwashers.

Wash-Safe Control

The rinse quality is guaranteed thanks to the constant rinsing temperature and the water pressure which is independent from the mains.

85° C with Multi Rinse

Discover our Rack Type range:
Single Rinse, Dual Rinse and Multi Rinse

Single Rinse
100 racks/hour

Single rinse rack type dishwasher

The green&clean Single Rinse Rack Type Dishwasher offers superior performance, savings and ease of use in a compact solution. Suitable for 100 racks/hour.

Dual Rinse
150 up to 250 racks/hour

The new green&clean Dual Rinse Rack Type Dishwasher guarantees one of the lowest running costs in its category and consistent results load after load. The perfect example of sustainability, reliability and ease of use.

Multi Rinse
150 up to 300 racks/hour

Multi rinse rack type dishwasher

One glass of water, that’s all it takes to clean and sanitize an entire rack of dirty dishes with the green&clean Multi Rinse Rack Type dishwasher. This rack type dishwasher is suitable for 150 up to 300 racks/hour.

Accessories for Rack Type Dishwashers

Accessories Rack Type Dishwasher
Accessories rack type dishwasher

Glassware baskets

Accessories rack type dishwasher

Cutlery and utensil holders

Accessories rack type dishwasher

Plate baskets

Accessories rack type dishwasher

Tray baskets

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