SkyLine Oven detergents

Save – 15% in running costs* with SkyClean, the automatic and built-in self cleaning system of SkyLine Oven.

*Up to – 15% in running cost: savings on energy, water, detergent and rinse aid calculated using SkyClean function versus equivalent cleaning cycle on previous Electrolux Professional Oven range.

Longer life and
top​ performance
of SkyLine​ Ovens
only with​
phosphate and phosphorous free
Electrolux Professional detergents​

We take care
of your equipment

Electrolux Professional cleaning and​ descaling chemicals have been especially​ developed for SkyLine Ovens. Regular use of​ Electrolux Professional chemicals guarantees​ hygienic cleanliness of your equipment,​ ensuring product performance and​ conformance to warranty conditions.​

Now you decide
which chemical – solid or liquid

The SkyLine Ovens generation gives you unique flexibility with 2 different chemical options: solid for more intensive cleaning and liquid for greater flexibility.

Solid detergents

Ideal for all type of cooking and demanding sites


Cleaning tab


Rinse &
Descale tab

Rinse Aid & Descale

C22 Cleaning tab
Tab solution ensures optimal cleaning cycle even in hard conditions.

C25 Rinse & Descale tab
2 in 1 solution for best results in rinsing and lime deposits removal.

Liquid detergents

Ideal for sites with medium-high dirt level


ExtraStrong detergent for ovens


ExtraStrong Rinse aid for ovens

Watch our cleaning videos

How to launch the SkyClean,
the automatic cleaning cycle
for Premium and Pro Ovens

How to launch the SkyClean,
the automatic cleaning cycle
for PremiumS and ProS Ovens

How does it work
the SkyClean

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