Creativity meets speed with GourmeXpress,
the High Speed Oven

Are you seeking for a compact solution that can increase your productivity in the kitchen, reducing the cooking time to serve your customers faster? An ergonomic, easy-to-use solution to support the profitable growth of your business?

With the professional tabletop GourmeXpress High Speed Oven you can serve delicious food in a fast and easy way. You can cook proteins and melt cheese perfectly thanks to a combination of 3 different heating methods. This solution leads to a simpler workflow and enlarges your menu. Serving high quality products in a consistent way, day after day, regardless of the user.

GourmeXpress, the high speed oven

Save energy

with the Energy Saving Mode that uses 0.5 kW per hour*.
Furthermore, it is ventless, as no hood installation is required.
*the Energy Saving Mode can be set after a customizable range of time (from 5 min to 30 min) and to reach 260°C it takes 2 and ½ min.

What are the advantages of a High Speed Oven?

Rapid cooking

with high quality results


of creating a wide variety of foods


cooking programs and clean operations

Experience the future of cooking

You can serve delicious food in a fast and easy way. Discover how you can roast, grill, and reheat. This solution leads to a simpler workflow and can enlarge your menu.

Why is the GourmeXpress so fast?

GourmeXpress includes a combination of microwave, convection and impingement
allowing you rapid cooking, grilling and reheating.

Extra fast

Microwaves accelerate the cooking processand provides quick and efficient service to their customers without compromising quality.

Extra flexibility

The ability to structure the cooking cycle in a multi-stage way, modulating the impingement intensity and microwave percentage for each stage ensures great flexibility.

Extra attractive color and extra crisp

The hot air impingement (or forced air cooking) reduces cooking times and enhances an attractive just-grilled look. Perfect for extra color on lasagne, pizza and other similar dishes.

Versatile range to drive your business

Food to Go, where speed and consistent high quality food in wide quantities are the pillars of the business

Bars & Cafés, that serve food all day long

Restaurants, handling rush hours and increased numbers of orders

Hotels, that require a fast, easy to use solution, even outside regular restaurant hours

potatoes with GourmeXpress high speed oven
skrewers with GourmeXpress high speed oven-600x600
pizza with GourmeXpress high speed oven

High Speed cooking with endless possibilities...

rigenerated chicken wings with GourmeXpress high speed oven

Regenerated Chicken Wings

Cooked in 1,50 min
fresh salmon fillet with GourmeXpress high speed oven

Fresh Salmon Fillet

Cooked in 2 mins
regenerated lasagna with GourmeXpress high speed oven

Regenerated Lasagna

Cooked in 2 mins

Discover our range of accessories developed for GourmeXpress

Aluminium oven shovel
Teflon mesh basket
Teflon tray

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Food to go, chain restaurants

Food to go

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Bars & Cafés business

Bars & Cafés

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