OnE Connected helps you get top performances from your Electrolux Professional solutions. This will maximize your profits and accelerate your return on investment.

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Control your operations from any device


Only OnE Connected platform for all connected appliances

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For all roles, OnE Connected helps you get top performances

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Increase uptime and maintain top operation performances

OnE Connected grows with new functions to give you maximum efficiency and save you time and money

Your Laundry Process & Hygiene validation assistant

To keep laundry quality and hygiene standards high, it’s important to monitor every phase of your process and keep an eye on two variables: time and temperature. Smart notifications let you monitor the status of your processes easily and maintain high quality and disinfection standards.

Thanks to the Process Validation function, OnE Connected helps you guaranteeing the safety of your customers and better organize your workflow.

Saves data for future reference

Process validation reports can be consulted days, weeks, or months later, giving you total peace of mind

Tracks every phase of the process

In case of error, emergency stop, or rapid advance through the cycle, the program did not fully process and there is a chance of contamination. OnE Connected will notify you and provide all the details.

Real-time alerts and notifications

Receive web portal and/or smartphone notifications for any unvalidated batch, so you can address the problem immediately and continue to guarantee hygiene.

Consistent menus day after day, at every location

You’ve created the perfect dish.
Now let the whole world enjoy it with the new Recipe Management function of OnE Connected. Sending recipes from your library to connected appliances is a great way to improve fleet management and ensure consistent menus across your locations.

Create your perfect dish

Load the recipe into the app: now it’s available throughout your network.

Download to other appliances

Put your recipe to work at any location, quickly and easily.

Have your menu served to perfection around the world

Reproduce your dishes with the exact same quality, day after day

Connectivity also means food safety

The HACCP Verified function of OnE Connected provides automatic digital documentation you can store as compulsory evidence of safe cooking processes and quality, saving you time and paperwork. With data at your fingertips, you can make adjustments where needed to ensure your processes comply with hygiene and food safety requirements.

Relax – OnE Connected has HACCP under control

HACCP alerts produced by the appliance will go directly to the chef, who can quickly correct the problem.

Total control at every phase of the process

Has the blast chiller temperature dropped too low? One Connect will sound the alarm and give you all the details.

Less bureaucracy and paperwork

All data is saved and stored for 6 months as required by law, so it’s right there whenever you need it.

OnE Connected is the right solution

Are you a business owner?

Maximize your return on investment. Stay in control. Always.

Earn More

OnE Connected gives insights to run your business more efficiently. Save costs and maximize your profit.

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Are you a site manager?

Avoid downtime in your operations. Grant quality output and keep control even when you’re not around.

Improve your work-life

Avoid downtime in your operations. Grant quality output and keep control even when you’re not around.

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Are you a chain operations manager?

Keep control over your fleet. Maximize output of your appliances while reducing operating costs.

Boost Performance

With OnE Connected organize your production flow to improve your productivity and output quality. Meet the highest quality standards.

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Are you a service manager?

Get automatically notified in case of alarms and receive solution suggestions. Plan maintenance at just the right time.

Maximize uptime of your equipment

OnE Connected helps you plan maintenance at just the right time, ensure maximum uptime and avoid costs for unexpected breakdowns.

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OnE Connected helps maximize uptime


OnE Connected drives efficiency and quality

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OnE Connected increases the laundry efficiency

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OnE Connected is available in many countries. Please contact your local Electrolux Professional contact person to check if OnE Connected can be installed in your country.

This depends on the type of appliances. Some appliances allow Wi-Fi connections, some both and others only cabled connections. Please ask your local Electrolux Professional contact person for more information. There is a central connectivity team who will support you.

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