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Best Commercial Washer and Dryer

The Best Commercial Washer and Dryer for Every Establishment

There are many industries where a business will need to do plenty of laundry on a daily basis. This includes hotels, where you always have towels and bed clothes to wash, hair salons and kitchens where you have towels to wash, care facilities, and many more. Many businesses also benefit from on-site laundry facilities for their employees to wash their work clothes. In these cases, a regular washer that you’d use at home just doesn’t cut it. They’re too small and don’t take large loads, they might take a long time for every cycle, and they’re just not equipped to work in a commercial setting. Instead, get a commercial washing machine from Electrolux Professional. Our products offer ergonomic, environmental, economic and practical benefits, and our wide range of washers and dryers fit the needs of every business.

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The Importance of a Commercial Washing Machine

First of all, why would you opt for an industrial washing machine rather than a regular one? The answer is simple, a domestic washer won’t be enough. A commercial washer is built to take large loads of laundry and work all day, every day. A domestic washer would cave under that kind of workload. Additionally, commercial washers are built with heavy-duty parts that ensure longevity, and they’re made to be easy to service instead of needing to be replaced. For a business in need of a washer, they’re just the most reliable option. Lastly, the warranty of a domestic washer will probably be void if it’s used in a commercial setting. This means you’ll likely ruin the machine by working it too hard, but you’ll also lose out on all your money since you used it in a way it wasn’t designed for. Get an industrial washer instead.

Our Industrial Washers and Dryers

Our range of commercial washers and dryers is extensive, with products suitable for all businesses and all needs. Our machines have been designed to be as easy to use as possible. Manual dosing is extremely easy, but we also have automatic intelligent dosing that ensures the exact right amount of detergent is used for all loads. We pride ourselves on the sustainability and affordability of our washers and dryers. Never use too much detergent, and washing is made quickly to save electricity and water. Also, it saves you plenty of time and ensures you get your laundry back quickly. The washers feature a human-centred ergonomic design with frontloading and a dispenser positioned at the right height for visibility. This means doing the laundry won’t take its toll on your body anymore. They’re also stackable so you can make the most out of small spaces. Lastly, our machines are easy to clean because of their visibility and the easily removable parts.

We’ll Take the Load Off

Electrolux Professional is a global and well-known brand that’s been offering commercial laundry, food and beverage solutions for over a hundred years. We also provide commerical kitchen appliances, commerical dishwashers, and commerical refrigerators. Get your industrial washer and dryer from us to receive a durable product you can rely on, and benefit from our post-sales support if anything ever goes wrong. Find out more about our washers and dryers by filling out the form below.

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