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What’s different about an Electrolux Professional steam cooking oven?

Electrolux Professional Cook & Chill is a simple, controlled process of preparing food designed to provide more flexibility, time and labor savings in food service operations.

The technique involves the full cooking of food, followed by rapid chilling and storage at controlled temperatures (using an Electrolux Professional Steam Oven as part of the process).

HACCP controls are embedded within every Electrolux Professional Steam Oven for safe operation and adherence to recommended cooking and chilling guidelines of food products.

Implementing a Cook & Chill process as part of your operation can add quality back into your food product, maintain yield thus increasing your profitability, and keeping nutritional value inside the food product thus making it taste better and look better.

Electrolux Chef Academy will assist any customer in successfully implementing an Electrolux Professional Cook & Chill system into their operation’s processes. 24/7 Electrolux Professional Service Technician will assist in keeping an Electrolux Professional Cook & Chill system active and healthy for the life of the operation.

Steam Oven Accessories

Benefits of an Electrolux Professional
Cook & Chill process:

Food Quality – Using set cooking parameters, operators are able to maintain absolute control over uniformity and quality every time.

Consistent Quality – Programmable touchscreen ovens ensure consistency and meals are prepared exactly the same every time, no matter the location or operation.

Speed of Service – Cooking, chilling, retherming food products ahead of time can reduce time in execution and delivery during stressful times.

Optimum Sanitation – With a Cook & Chill process, food is handled rarely and exposed to external elements rarely. Food is cooked, chilled, frozen, stored and then rethermed under controlled environments.

Return on Investment – Cook & Chill systems can help achieve complicated menu goals, encouraging operators to serve a broader variety of fresh-tasting foods with ease and consistency.

Electrolux Professional: Providing Australia With Commercial-Use Steam Ovens

If your current oven has started to show signs of degradation like poor heat retention, a drop in performance and longer cooking times then it may be best to consider upgrading to a new oven that will meet and exceed the demands of your busy commercial kitchen.

The steam oven has quickly become an industry favourite among professional chefs who rely on prompt cooking times and appliances that can perform a wide array of functions when needed. If this sounds like the sort of equipment that you could benefit from then Electrolux Professional has an extensive range of superior cooking and food preparation solutions to suit the needs of every industrial kitchen regardless of size or cuisine.
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Why You Should Consider an Industrial Steam Oven

Most steam ovens comprise an interior water canister in the oven cavity that injects water into the boiler through a pump transforming the water inside the oven into steam. This means moisture is kept at an optimal level, reducing the need for oils and seasoning.

Some commercial steam oven models even connect to a water line. Cooking with steam tends to be a healthier alternative than baking or frying as it does not rely on oils or fats. Natural textures, colours and flavours of the food are retained, as are more nutrients and vitamins.

This is a much faster form of cooking, particularly when preparing large quantities of food. These incredibly versatile ovens can also bake, brown, roast and grill food, as well as defrost and reheat leftovers. Most importantly, the humidity helps prevent the meal from drying out, so the final result is tastier.

Global Leaders in Professional Steam Ovens

At Electrolux Professional, we have nearly one-hundred years of service under our belt delivering first-class kitchen and laundry solutions to hotels, restaurants, hospitals, canteens, universities, cruise ships, sports clubs, bistros and cafes all around the world. We have garnered a reputation for excellence and have played an active role in defining industry standards and raising them over the decades.

We specialise in complete kitchen appliance solutions and we are the only top brand who delivers kitchen wide equipment, including professional steam ovens, where the rest of our competition deal only in specific machinery like dishwashers, refrigeration or stoves.

When it comes to equipping your kitchen with the very best machinery to deliver outstanding food to your clientele, it is essential that you select tried and tested, award-winning appliances from a company with an unquestionable track record. At Electrolux Professional, our track record is almost as old as the restaurant industry.

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So, if you need an exceptional industrial steam oven that will deliver outstanding performance and last for generations, then there is only one place you need to look.

Electrolux Professional has the industry-leading equipment, the dedicated maintenance support and the service history that you can rely on to help keep your business performing at its best. Get in touch with our dedicated client service team today to learn how we can improve your kitchen.

We are proud to be known as the premier global brand that businesses trust to get the job done. We supply Australia with commercial fridges in Melbourne. Additionally, we specialise in delivering high-quality commercial fridges in Sydney and commercial freezers. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Oven for Commercial Kitchen

Every kitchen whether commercial or domestic comes kitted out with an oven, but when you’re trying to run a professional kitchen or restaurant you need appliances that are going to be up to the task. A regular oven is simply not suitable for commercial use, it won’t be big enough for starters and it also won’t have the speed or versatility that can be gained by upgrading to an oven designed for a commercial kitchen.

A commercial oven is not only larger, but it’s also superior in terms of its durability. They are built for high usage and for coping with large volumes of production day in and day out. This means that they are capable of heating up much faster than a domestic oven, enabling your kitchen to cook faster and more efficiently. A commercial oven is also more energy efficient than the model you might use in your own home.

Oven for Commercial Kitchen: What to Look for In an Oven For A Commercial Kitchen

Every kitchen is different, not only in terms of its size but also in what it needs to produce each day. If your kitchen is focused on baking fresh crusty bread every day as part of a bakery enterprise, you’ll need an oven that is designed for baking bread however if you’re running a pizzeria, you might need to purchase something entirely different. It’s important to consider what you’re currently offering from your kitchen to make sure that the oven you purchase will have all the features you need it to have, and also to consider what you may want to produce in the future. This will help you decide what size oven you are best to buy, Do keep in mind the size of your kitchen though, it’s easy to get carried away and make the available space for chefs to move in cramped and inefficient. Size doesn’t always mean less capacity, much like buying a fridge or freezer, sometimes you might need to compromise on the inner workings to get the best value for money when it comes to size and space.

Another important consideration is whether you want an electric or gas oven. Of course, this may already be predetermined by the set-up of your kitchen, but if you’re spoiled for choice, it’s something to consider.

Oven for Commercial Kitchen: A Wide Range of Commercial Ovens

At Electrolux, we have a wide range of commercial ovens from combi ovens to cooking ranges we are sure to have something that will suit your needs as we can provide ovens for commercial kitchen in a range of sizes, with varying functionality and with different additional abilities, such as the automatic pasta cooker! We believe in designing products that will suit your needs today and tomorrow, so you don’t need to worry about the functionality of your kitchen decreasing over time, our units are modular so you can scale up or down and flex up your layout as much as your like. If you have any questions about our range, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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