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Commercial Cooking Equipment & Appliances

It is indisputable that the most important thing commercial kitchen customers need from their suppliers is reliability. When you choose Electrolux Professional as your supplier, you are choosing a global company with 100 years of experience in manufacturing high quality electrical products for commercial and domestic applications.

We are a multi-award winning company, recognized for our design innovation, commitment to environmental sustainability, excellence in customer service, and fair employment policies.

Our products are built for quality and durability, backed by generous warranties and fantastic customer service plans. Our global network of expert repair technicians means you can get speedy and reliable repairs anywhere in the world you are located.
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Commercial Cooking Equipment from Electrolux Professional Australia

We also think it’s important to point out that by choosing Electrolux Professional, you can consolidate all your commercial kitchen appliances under one brand. This puts an end to “warranty chaos” and provides a practical stability and simplicity to keeping your entire kitchen always running smoothly.

Best of all, Electrolux Professional provides true industry experts to help you with all the advice you need for making sure you have the right appliances to meet your needs and the knowledge required to get the best out of them.

The Design Excellence Behind Our Industrial Cooking Equipment

The main thing our designers keep in mind when designing commercial cooking equipment at Electrolux is the needs of our customers. This is the meaning behind our slogan “Thinking of you”, and we’re accurately able to determine those needs through our long experience (100 years and counting) creating these kinds of products.

We go above and beyond in our testing process to refine our products to peak perfection before they join our growing line-up of products offered for sale.

In addition to standard industrial tests for safety and durability, we also test these products in real kitchen conditions to be certain they will perform exactly as our customers will expect them to. We repeat these tests over and over again until there is no doubt that the products are the best in their class.

Providing genuine value to our customers is also important to us, so every product we make is designed to be as energy efficient as possible. An additional benefit of this is that it also ensures our products are good for environmental sustainability. In fact, Electrolux has won awards for the environmental sustainability of our products and our manufacturing processes for many years in a row, and we’re currently ranked among the top 1.3% of companies worldwide for environmental sustainability.

When you choose Electrolux Professional as your supplier for commercial kitchen equipment in Australia, you are in good company.

The Most Extensive Range of Commercial Cooking Appliances

We offer more commercial cooking appliances under one brand than any other manufacturer, which means better simplicity for you, and a more consistent kitchen interface for your kitchen staff.

When we say we have everything you will need for your commercial kitchen, we really mean it. We have every electrical appliance you could desire, so you can prepare, cook, preserve, and distribute your food products. We even supply the appliances you’ll need for cleaning up, with dishwashers and waste management systems.

Here are a few of the products we stock to give you some idea of the vastness of our range:

  • Multi-purpose peeling machines
  • Vegetable washers and spin dryers
  • Slicing machines
  • Industrial grade food processors
  • Handheld mixers
  • Mincing machines
  • Liquidisers
  • Electric graters
  • Mixers
  • Kneading, whipping, and sheeting machines
  • Vacuum packing and sealing machines
  • Modular cooking ranges
  • High productivity grilling machines
  • High speed snack grills
  • Boiling and braising pans
  • Cook & Chill ovens
  • Blast chillers, refrigerated cabinets, ice makers, and cold rooms.
  • Refrigeration tables and refrigerated counters

To find out more about our entire range of industrial cooking equipment and how we can help you implement them in your business, contact Electrolux Professional (Australia) today.

We are proud to be known as the premier global brand that businesses trust to get the job done. We supply Australia with commercial grills. Additionally, we specialise in delivering high-quality commercial kettles and commercial toasters. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.
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