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When it comes to your professional kitchen, only the best equipment will do. At Electrolux Professional, we have 100 years’ worth of experience in designing and creating innovative products that stand the test of time and help you to maximise your profits. Read More

With so many additions needed for a successful kitchen, researching and sourcing the best of every individual piece of equipment is time-consuming and unnecessary. Electrolux Professional is the first supplier worldwide to have a complete range of kitchen equipment, making your life a whole lot easier.

Professional Kitchen Equipment: Professional Kitchen Equipment You Can Count On

Our range of kitchen equipment is reliable and designed to help you and others in your kitchen work efficiently in order to make the best use of your time. From the preparation to the cooking, all the way through to the washing at the end – we the have equipment you need.

We will work with the size and shape of your kitchen, making sure to efficiently use the space provided so you can make the most out of your kitchen area. Without the equipment, none of the great cooking that your customers are looking forward to can take place. And, without the necessary equipment for the preparation, preservation, distribution and washing processes, none of it would be possible. This is where Electrolux Professional comes in, making sure your space has been used to your advantage, completely kitted out with the equipment you need to work.

Professional Kitchen Equipment: The Electrolux Professional Difference

Our complete range of professional kitchen equipment is the first worldwide. We are constantly innovating and improving, as shown by our extensive range of awards, from receiving the Red Dot Award in 2020 to the Smart Label award, to name a couple.

We make sure that you are covered and able to receive the help you need when you need it, from the moment of installation right through to the end of your equipment’s life. We have over 55,000 spare parts available, and a global network of 2200 authorised technical experts so that you can always access assistance with your kitchen equipment should you need it.

Our main goal is to provide you with professional kitchen equipment that is as profitable as possible. Coincidentally, we are also committed to sustainability causes by striving to improve water and electricity efficiencies. In turn, this helps cut costs and save you more in the long run, all while being kinder to the planet.

Professional Kitchen Equipment: Choose Quality

When it comes to professional kitchen equipment, Electrolux Professional does it best, there’s no doubt about it. Join the many happy, successful customers who put their trust in Electrolux Professional for all their kitchen needs. We are proud to be leaders of innovation, lending our extensive knowledge to design products that go above and beyond in their function.

Other products include commercial kitchen equipmentindustrial ironing machine and commercial cooking equipment.

To find out more, please get in touch with us, we would be happy to answer any queries or questions you may have about our kitchen equipment.

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