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Le Grand Contrôle Restaurant

Versailles, France

Le Grand Contrôle: behind the scenes of a starred restaurant located in the heart of the Château de Versailles

It is an exceptional and somewhat “royal” establishment which opens its doors to us today. The restaurant Le Grand Contrôle, located in the Hôtel des Airelles***** in the heart of the Château de Versailles, is an unmissable meeting place for all lovers of French history and gastronomy.

A “royal” restaurant imagined by Chef Alain Ducasse and Chef Stéphane Duchiron

It is a few steps from the Orangerie, in a mansion built by Jules Hardouin-Mansart, Louis XIV’s favorite architect, that Chef Alain Ducasse has set up his gourmet restaurant, his teams and his professional Electrolux Professional kitchen composed, between others, a magnificent Molteni stove from the 1923 range.

The place is truly steeped in the history of France. The reception rooms, gilding, moldings and silverware take us on a journey through time.

Chef Stéphane Duchiron’s teams take the stage, from lunch to dinner, to offer their guests unique  exclusive experiences. In the dining room, the heads of row wear period outfits that take customers on a journey to the grandeur and splendor of yesteryear.

The starred cuisine is appreciated for its “great finesse with a fine mastery of cooking techniques and seasonings; sauces and juices of a good quality with frank and marked flavors”, as the famous gastronomic guide reminds us.

Le Grand Contrôle: 3 professional kitchens to accompany guests throughout the day: from breakfast to dinner

The restaurant Le grand Contrôle is equipped with a main gourmet professional kitchen as well as two satellite professional kitchens to work according to the services and the various events that take place in this exceptional place.

1) A professional kitchen configured for gastronomy, equipped with a Molteni stove.

To meet the criteria of excellence and prestige of the place, the gastronomic professional kitchen of the establishment consists first of all of a large Molteni stove from the 1923 range Made in France in the Molteni Workshop in Saint Vallier, in the Drôme.

Two professional compact Multislim ovens are also installed near the stove to support the teams in the cooking of side dishes, meat and fish. Chefs have chosen these ovens because they have:

  • A small footprint of 52 cm wide which saves significant space in the kitchen while maintaining maximum versatility and cooking quality.
  • A record of 99 recipes to facilitate the work of all users and maintain production quality
  • Water savings (up to -15%) compared to standard professional ovens.

Two salamanders Electrolux Professional to keep plates warm ready to go. Their particularities:

  • Energy savings thanks to the attitude detection system in the salamander
  • Two independent heating zones.
  • Reduced heat emissions in the kitchen

2) A 2nd professional production kitchen, equipped with Electrolux Professional, and configured for cooking and preparing savory breakfasts

This second kitchen is organized for production. It complements the main gourmet professional kitchen and is also used to prepare savory breakfasts based on omelettes, sausages, etc.

This modular kitchen is configured to meet a very wide demand and integrates Modular cooking elements from the XP range Electrolux Professional, consisting of a bain-marie, a mixed chrome plancha, a fryer and a 4-zone induction hob.

3) A 3rd professional kitchen configured for productivity

This third professional kitchen is dedicated and sized for productivity. The team uses it for receptions with a large number of guests. It integrates:

– A 60-litre pot from the XP modular cooking range with automatic filling and front emptying
– A tilting pan from the XP modular cooking range of 80 liters
– A SkyLine Premium 10 GN1/1 professional oven which is used for the preparation of meat and fish but also pastries in the morning.
– A mixed cooling cell for preparing pastries and cooling preparations during banquets, for example

The establishment is also equipped with an Electrolux Professional dishwasher

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