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Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

The kitchen is the beating heart of any restaurant. Your chefs, cooks and supporting employees can change, as can your menu, but without a great central hub that is optimised for efficiency, you face an uphill battle to convince customers to return, or visit at all. The time invested in choosing appliances and products for the kitchen is usually extensive because the market is awash with a variety of brands and solutions. However, rather than opting for a pick ’n’ mix approach, the best path forward is a single unifying standard.
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Comprehensive Restaurant Kitchen Appliance & Equipment Solutions

At Electrolux Professional, we make restaurant kitchen equipment that achieves the highest possible results for our customers. We don’t just believe in making great solutions for the marketplace. Instead, we endeavour to support our customers from the moment installation is complete until the end of life. We have a firm commitment to sustainability, as well as improving electrical and water efficiencies. This is one of the many reasons that our customers choose us time and time again. Our presence is a means for you to improve your profitability.

The Best Kitchen Fit Out Team in the World

The required equipment for a restaurant kitchen varies from one establishment to the next. At Electrolux Professional, we cater to all restaurant sizes and have the most comprehensive range of equipment and appliances that will ensure you can achieve a superior standard.

Restaurateurs have a vision for their business. Some want to achieve an intimate setting, whereas others hope to create a buzzing culinary mecca. One key issue that both sides of the spectrum are compelled to consider and tailor their resources to is the issue of space. Kitchens, both little and large, need to make the best possible use of the dimensions they have.

As such, properly installing restaurant equipment can become a tricky proposition. Here at Electrolux Professional, we have completed fit-outs for kitchens of all shapes and sizes. Our expert team employ the expertise gained within our company over the past 100 years to deliver kitchens that optimise the space available so that chefs, cooks and support staff can navigate it with ease, and achieve their tasks with minimal effort.

The testimonial page here on our site is a credit to the sterling work that we have achieved for our customers to date. Our sublime equipment delivers a sense of consummate professionalism and affords kitchen staff a uniquely coherent and highly efficient space within which to work. The net result is exceptional reliability and service that endures for years.

Top Class Equipment You Can Trust in Your Restaurant

One of our well-known clients, Nel Restaurant in Sydney, noted that they stay with equipment when it earns their trust, which is what they now have with Electrolux. It is top class equipment that they are proud of. Beyond those kind words exist comprehensive maintenance agreements that come as standard on Electrolux Professional restaurant kitchen supplies. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to support your business.

The extent of our customer care global network offers superior service to our customers. We have over 2,200 authorised technical experts ready to respond. What’s more, with fifty-five thousand spare parts available, you can take confidence in our ability to address any issue, should one arise.

Now is the time to invest in the very best restaurant appliances and products available in Australia. The team here at Electrolux Professional look forward to welcoming you into our extensive network and help your business achieve greater profitability and sustainability standards.

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