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Cleanliness above all

Electrolux Professional’s dishwashing equipment provides unsurpassable washing & rinsing options.

This diverse product range offers glasswashers, undercounter, hood type, rack type, utensil washers and flight type dishwashers to meet your specific needs.

In addition, Electrolux Professional offers the whole range of accessory, handlying and waste management system to facilitate ergonomic and friendly washing evnironment.

The majority of our units are 98% recyclable by weight.

For shiny glasses, these detergents completely eliminate drops and stains, leaving everything perfectly dry and clean. Thanks to a specific formula we prevent the formation of limestone.

Accessories and consumables

Commercial Dishwashers in Brisbane from a Trusted Global Brand

You are committing to opening a restaurant, one that you have been planning and thinking about for many years. The development stage is one of the most crucial times in its life. This is your opportunity to make all the right decisions and think long-term as you plan. There is no question that the kitchen is the key area that must work at its best for everything else to fall into place. You have the right team, your chefs know which equipment will work best, now all you need is the best commercial dishwasher in Brisbane to ensure your cleanliness and health standards are impeccable.
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Your search has fortunately led you here to Electrolux Professional. You may know the name already, having seen it in countless European professional kitchens as well as in many countries across the world. With 100 years of experience and expertise to our backs, our sublime range of products is accessible in Brisbane. Ask peers in the hospitality industry about us and we expect that you will learn that we are a leading light in terms of innovation and design. We supply the solutions that you hoped were possible when you first dreamt of your restaurant.

The cornerstone of our entire approach to business is you. We work hard to ensure that our efforts result in an easier life for our customers and afford them the means of profiting from their endeavours. We are trusted across the world and even now in Brisbane, whether it’s for our industrial dishwasher solutions or complete fit-outs. We are consistently the go-to choice for so many because we make a positive difference to you and the planet.

Industrial Dishwashers with Unsurpassable Washing Options for Queensland

At the start of any restaurant endeavour, more investment money may be available to put to good use. Every single dollar counts in this industry and so you need to ensure that your decisions have the potential to reap the greatest long-term reward, while simultaneously delivering the kind of service that will attract customers to your new venture.

A manual dishwasher is not an ideal solution for any business that anticipates high volumes of customers. It’s less to do with the end result and more to do with efficiency. An Electrolux Professional commercial dishwashing machine offers Brisbane restaurateurs a single solution that not only delivers exceptional cleaning and hygiene results after sustained use, but it also helps to lower your utility expenses.

Our dishwashing equipment provides unsurpassable washing and rising options. We have a range of different options that are perfectly designed to meet the space and ergonomic needs of our clients. These include:

  • Glasswashers
  • Hood type washers
  • Under counter washers
  • Utensil washers
  • Rack type washers
  • Flight type washers

Furthermore, we bolster this product range with accessories to ensure that you can achieve the exact washing system that you envision. Our detergents will completely eliminate drops and stains while delivering a clean and dry item that is ready for immediate use. Better still, our formula prevents the formation of limescale.

Supporting Your Brisbane Business and Dish Sanitising Needs 24/7

Your choice of Electrolux Professional ensures that you not only gain the highest standard professional dishwasher Brisbane has to offer, but it affords you the support of a customer care global network that is ready to assist 24/7. We are fully equipped and have authorised technical experts on hand to help you as and when required.

So, with the opening of your new restaurant on the horizon, you are planning to set Brisbane’s culinary scene alight. And with Electrolux Professional equipment and appliances in your kitchen, you stand the greatest chance of achieving a professional standard your customers will return to time and time again.

We are proud to be known as the premier global brand that businesses trust to get the job done. We supply Australia with commercial glass washers. Additionally, we specialise in delivering high-quality commercial kitchen exhaust fans and commercial combi ovens. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.
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