Accessories and Consumables

Sous-vide cooking, the perfect complement

The vacuum packer

The vacuum packaging accessories are indispensable to perform sous vide cooking. They are useful to store food, protected from the harmful effects of moisture and air.

vacuum packer sous vide

Pasta cooker, extremely versatile

Pasta cooker baskets

Entirely made in AISI 304 to ensure maximum hygiene, our baskets are designed to offer maximum ergonomics.


Delight your guests with the smoky touch

The volcano smoker

The volcano smoker is the perfect accessory for combi ovens. It is ideal for cooking and smoking a wide variety of foods using wood chips or dried spices.

Volcano Smoker

Delicious chicken has never been easier

Chicken system

A dedicated system for delicious chicken.

accessories chicken system

Efficient laundry in every detail

A wide range of accessories allows efficiency and best ergonomics

  • Foldable garment rack that fits into many fields and businesses: laundries, shops, tailors, bridal and party dress shops and more
  • Helical baskets facilitates the loading and unloading of the washer and dryer
  • Handy baskets that facilitate the folding of the sheets to be placed under the sheets tensioner
  • Dryer balls specially designed to lift and separate laundry
  • An all-purpose reusable microfiber cleaning cloth for a deep cleaning and superior polished finish
  • Water soluble bags are ideal for laundry application in healthcare facilities. Utilize our bags to avoid contamination and prevent infections.
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