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Stoos Lodge Hotel

Stoos, Switzerland

A hotel that is “simply different”

The hotel concept of the Stoos Lodge is unique: here, guests get everything they want and only pay for what they really need. Whether it’s breakfast, room cleaning or childcare – every guest can arrange their stay according to their personal needs.

Simply different – this is also expressed in the gastronomy. 230 indoor seats and 170 seats on the terrace count the restaurant as well as 120 seats in the lounge. In addition to seminar and group guests, the hotel also serves out-of-town individual and day guests, so there is a lot of coming and going. However, the demands are quite different.

For the operation to work, it was crucial that the kitchen operations could be handled from two sides: On one side, the food for the group and seminar area goes out, while the classic day guest is served via the show kitchen. It was important to the hosts that the processes did not interfere with each other and that everything did not take place in the hidden area.

Electrolux Professional designed the show kitchen so that as much as possible could be produced there.

It was important for the client to find a partner for the planning and elaboration who understood the requirements and reacted flexibly to adaptations. That is why they brought on board Electrolux Professional for the implementation of the kitchen infrastructure, a partner they already knew from previous cooperations.

“We have already worked with the specialist from Electrolux Professional in our summit restaurant and in the wellness hotel, relying on their expertise in planning and, of course, integrating appropriate appliances. I have greatly appreciated their flexibility in previous assignments. Then as now, the specialists always implemented our adaptation requests in an uncomplicated and professional manner,” emphasizes René Koch.

Over a length of around ten meters, the show kitchen features a pizza and pasta station and a charcoal grill. Numerous appliances such as the pasta cooker and the flexible tabletop induction wok and induction cooktop cover various needs.

Meets the high turnover: the rack type dishwasher including drying tunnel and sorting table. The area is complemented by a pot washer and under-counter dishwasher. Complementing the kitchen appliances, three chic wine refrigerators with glass doors have found a nice place in the kitchen.

“Why Electrolux Professional?”

“Having already had good experiences with Electrolux Professional in our operations, it was quickly clear to us to work completely with this company in the Lodge. The high level of flexibility was already noticeable then and has been demonstrated again now.” René Koch, contractor and owner of the Stoos Lodge.

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