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Gaudia high school

Lahti, Finland

When the efficiency of kitchen operations is a real key factor

Gaudia, Finland’s largest high school, started its operations at the Paavola campus in Lahti in August 2022. There are about 1,400 students in the new high school, and about 100 staff members.

Starting in August 2023, the Paavola campus will grow even more when some elementary school functions of the Lahti city are transferred there. This will increase the number of students at the campus by around 800.

Nutritious food for more than 1,000 students

Gaudia High School kitchen has been operating at full capacity since August 2022. There are about 1,000 eating customers every day, sometimes even more.

The students only have a limited amount of time for eating – meaning everything must run quickly and efficiently in the kitchen“, says Petri Kukkonen, service manager of Ateriasisko Oy c/o Päijät-Hämeen Ateriapalvelut Oy and adds: “Electrolux Professional offered us exactly what we needed – taking into account the large number of customers and limited eating time.

Optimal set of equipment

Both Gaudia High School’s kitchen and canteen are equipped with Electrolux Professional devices. Food preparation is secured by full height SkyLine Combi ovens and induction cook tops from the 700XP product family. Refrigeration is guaranteed by the ecostore refrigerated cabinets, and dishwashing is handled by the green&clean Multirinse rack type dishwasher.

The canteen’s buffet lines have been designed and manufactured in cooperation with the architect, kitchen designer and customer. The customized and versatile combination of Electrolux Professional devices and Flexy servery equipment guarantees high-quality and hygienic serving for a large number of customers – taking care of precisely defined temperature limits.

As the number of Paavola campus students increases in August 2023, another kitchen will then start operating in the campus area. The new kitchen and canteen will be equipped with the same kind of equipment and solutions as the already functioning kitchen. After that, Electrolux Professional equipment provide tasty lunches for nearly 2,000 students – every weekday.

The collaboration with Electrolux Professional was great. The advanced “reduced power function” of the SkyLine ovens deserves a special thank you. The importance of this function is emphasized, especially now as we must pay special attention to the use of energy, says Tonja Meiseri, food service manager at Päijät-Hämeen Ateriapalvelut Oy

“Why Electrolux Professional?”

“We ended up with Electrolux Professional devices because we have a long experience with them. We needed the equipment to have sufficient capacity, versatile functions, reasonable energy and water consumption, longevity and efficient maintenance – and we got it all. The equipment chosen for the kitchen have been reliable and functioned well. The cooperation with the supplier has been very good,” says Petri Kukkonen.

Tonja adds: “Electrolux Professional appliances are fast, efficient and ergonomic, so working in the kitchen is smooth and pleasant. We often have to use the ovens with limited filling, so the advanced “reduced power function” of the SkyLine ovens deserves a big thank you. The importance of this function is emphasized, especially now as we must pay special attention to the use of energy”.

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