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Mychef Malpensa Airport

Milano, Italy


Electrolux Professional lands at Malpensa

At Malpensa airport, in the area dedicated to “long-range” international departures, the new Food Court by Areas Italia opened with the “MyChef” brand.

A completely innovative and original dining format, characterized by a huge open kitchen that divides, in half, an area of about 1,500 square meters.

On the right side, you will find a covered market with thematic kiosks for a “fast” service, on the left is the “slow” restaurant where travelers can relax and enjoy a delicious Italian meal.

A good choice for a huge open kitchen: the thermaline cooking block

Electrolux Professional, defined by Areas Italia as “The Partner”, designed and equipped the entire kitchen starting from the thermaline cooking block: 10 mq² of technology, power and design at the service of the Chef.

A huge open kitchen where the theater of the preparation becomes entertainment.

With the MyChef brand, Areas Italia is leader in Italy in airport and highway restaurants.

In recent years, they’ve chosen to dedicate 20% of their business to gourmet dining in prestigious locations, activities carried out by the MyChefEmotion division.

So not to be less than Heathrow (home to Gordon Ramsey), at Milan Linate airport, in 2014, the Michelangelo restaurant opened, whose management was entrusted to the famous Chef Michelangelo Citino.

While at the Milan Triennale, you can find the DesignCafé & Restaurant, characterized by the open kitchen separated from the dining area by a large glass window.

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