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GAI Industrie Spa

Cuneo, Italy


What do GAI Spa and Electrolux Professional have in common? A green character.

A bespoke canteen which fully reflects GAI’s requirements

GAI is a world leader in the production of equipment for the wine industry, olive oils, beer and spirits and, with its worldwide dealer network, is present in all 5 continents. For GAI, development must always be environmentally compatible, for this, they have a photovoltaic system of approximately 1,200 kW that produces more than 70% of its energy needs.

For the construction of the new kitchen in the canteen, the company turned to a leader in the market: Electrolux Professional. The two companies, in fact, share the same attention to eco-sustainability and energy saving, the founding values of the respective corporate cultures.

Astec Vercellone F.lli & C. Srl of Dario and Valter Vercellone and Raffaele Marchisio, the official Electrolux Professional agency, designed and manufactured the bespoke kitchen catering to the customer’s requirements: the result is a laboratory canteen, innovative and state of the art, which fully reflects GAI’s ideal company canteen.

The complexity of the installation required the use of a crane to bring the equipment to the 2nd and 3rd floors of the building for the canteen. The peculiarity of this kitchen is certainly the absence of real walls: in fact, on all 4 sides there are large windows which allow you to see the chefs at work at any time.

With a project of this type comes a series of inevitable design adaptations: the refrigerated and neutral tables are customized, with unique work tops and electrical sockets hidden in the upstand. All refrigerators have glass doors, synonymous with style and great work organization. At the center of the kitchen stands the thermaline modular cooking suite, the top of the Electrolux Professional ranges. Even the hood is in line with the above: the channels in fact are hidden, not in plain sight a usual, it appears just like a designed box.

Very interesting, in the end, it is that the energy used to power the equipment is the same produced by the company itself, renewable and sustainable energy.

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