Professional oven cleaning: how you can save money

Commercial ovens need thorough, professional cleaning: grease and grime naturally build up with every use. Daily cleaning keeps your oven hygienic and operating at its best. It is essential to schedule daily oven cleaning in a commercial kitchen and factor in the cost of oven cleaning products, labor and logistics.

How can you reduce these costs?

Professional oven cleaning: oven cleaning supplies

Apart from being quite expensive, chemical cleaners also have other downsides: caustic oven cleaners may be great for degreasing and shifting baked-in grime but being corrosive by nature they are potentially toxic. They can also cause damage to the oven in the long run. Is a non-toxic oven cleaner just as good as or even better than a chemical cleaner for removing burned-on particles?

The more toxic the oven cleaner, the more water you need to rinse it off and the longer you have to wait before you can use the oven again. So, the cost of oven cleaning supplies is just one of many factors to consider.

Manufacturer-supplied oven cleaning supplies are tailored to each appliance so you can reduce your cleaning costs by buying these directly. A full range of chemical cleaning products (l is available for the new Electrolux Professional SkyLine Ovens. These products

  • are a perfect fit for your professional oven cleaning needs while extending your oven’s lifetime;
  • provide numerous solutions to address different problems: you can choose from solid, liquid and enzymatic chemicals to handle your professional oven cleaning needs.
professional oven cleaning

Professional oven cleaning: labor costs

A self-cleaning oven can help cut down on the time employees spend on professional oven cleaning because it reduces and regulates the labor required. Is choosing an oven cleaner for self-cleaning ovens a problem? Not usually but you can avoid risks and boost performance if you buy directly from the oven supplier.

Electrolux SkyLine Ovens come with SkyClean technology, an automatic, built-in self-cleaning system with integrated descaling of the steam generator and with a full range of chemicals tested for perfect cleaning.

Professional oven cleaning: organizational costs

For professional oven cleaning, the costs of inactivity are particularly important: ovens must be switched off and completely cooled down for cleaning; they can only be used again after thoroughly rinsing and removing all caustic oven cleaners or chemicals that can cause food contamination. Connected kitchen appliances can help keep down those costs. To give an example, the new Electrolux Professional SkyLine Ovens are designed with:

  • Programmable cleaning with provision for alerts and monitoring through a remote connection.
  • Stop & Cook that can stop cleaning operations and restore the oven to full operating capacity in 10 minutes.

Professional oven cleaning: water and power costs

These include both financial and environmental costs. Choosing an oven with water and energy-saving cleaning functions can reduce running costs by up to 15% (link).

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