Easy to use laundry facilities for your guests

Whether you are a Camping, a holiday accommodation or a student residence, your guests will often benefit from your laundry facilities. 

Providing an in house easy to use laundry facilities for your guests can be an important deciding factor.

Whether you opted for a coin operated laundry or not, sturdiness and speed are key when choosing what type of washer or dryer to install in your laundry facility.

Easy to use laundry facilities for your guests

User-friendliness should not be underestimated though.

Guests that can benefit from your laundry service will find themselves in need of learning how to use these appliances. Easy to use laundry facilities will allow your guests to enjoy their time while granting you the peace of mind of low risk of malfunctions and breakdown.

See our quick videos to see how easy it is to use our laundry facilities.

HINT: Camping guests enjoy simplicity and freedom, think about a coin operated laundry.

How to use a washer

  • Turn on the washer
  • Load the washer, make sure your are not overloading it. Check the washer’s maximum capacity.
  • Close properly the door
  • Add the detergent in the dispenser (first compartment: pre wash liquid, second compartment: detergent, third compartment: softener)
  • Select the program you need by pressing the relevant button
  • Pay the amount due by inserting the coins/tokens in the dedicated area
  • Press Start

How to use a tumble dryer

Once the washing cycle is done you can proceed with drying.

  • Turn on the dryer
  • load the dryer, you can load directly from the washer straight into the dryer. Make sure your don’t overload, check the dryer’s capacity
  • Select the desired temperature
  • Insert coins/tokens in the dedicated box
  • The display shows the desired duration of the program
  • Press start

The coin operated laundry system is ready to be installed and can be easily integrated with your existing payment system.

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