Cut, mix and slice with our range of vegetable slicers, food processors, mixers, meat mincers, slicers and chopping blocks

Beyond imagination

TrinityPro Vegetable Slicers, Cutter Mixers and Combined Cutter-Slicers are ergonomic and safe for exceptional dicing and mixing, exceeding all expectations. BPA-free with ErgoCert 4-star ergonomic certification, TrinityPro offers incomparable quality, absolute precision and maximum power in minimal space.




TRS, TRK and K

Slice, dice, shred, cut, blend and emulsify in record time. TRS Vegetable SlicersTRK Combined Cutter-Slicers and K Cutter Mixers offer increased productivity, top quality and extreme sturdiness all in one. The reliable stainless steel structure, waterproof and ergonomic control panel, ergonomic design and silent operation make these the perfect choice for your business.

Safe Storage Icon | Electrolux Professional

Safe storage of your blades granted by wall mounted blade holder

Waterproof Icon | Electrolux Professional

Waterproof and ergonomic control panel (IP55)

Dishwasher Safe Icon | Electrolux Professional

100% dishwasher safe: blade, lid, scraper and stainless steel bowl

Silent Operation Icon | Electrolux Professional

Silent operation and long life for heavy jobs is ensured by a powerful compact induction motor

Bermixer Immersion Blender | Food Service - Electrolux Professional North America

Multifunctional handheld mixer

Get the best out of your ingredients with our ergonomic mixer.

Thanks to the smart speed control you can prepare a variety of creams, soups, pancake batters and mousse.

Discover how we can streamline your food preparation:

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