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At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy teaches Eastern and Western Cuisine with Electrolux Professional

At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy has been cultivating global chefs and F&B professionals in an experiential environment of culinary authenticity, best-fit apprenticeship and innovation since 2001. With an internationally experienced faculty and staff, state-of-the-art facilities and strong industry partnerships, the Academy deliver skills and knowledge in the East and West, Old and New World Cuisines, Herbs and Spices and Innovation and Technology.

The academy use new technologies to enable our students to keep up with current trends and innovations such as Electrolux’s thermaline for their new kitchen in 2015 to boost the academy’s mission. “It’s a plus point for me and for the students because it is something new in Asia, super easy to use, super easy to clean” says Sébastien Lefort, At-Sunrice’s Director of Craft, Service Excellence and Partnership.

As a Director of Craft, Service Excellence and Partnerships at At-Sunrice, Sébastien Lefort focuses on nurturing students and establishing commercial incubator for outstanding young culinary talent while continuing to build strong relationship with the academy’s extensive network of commercial partners.

Besides thermaline, At-Sunrice has multiple kitchen suited for different cuisines and many consist of new technologies, including Electrolux. “I really love this line because it is something modern, efficient, clean and that is what we are looking for in a modern kitchen” says Chef Sebastien Lefort. The thermaline range is efficient and clean, the reasons for why the academy choses it to fit a modern kitchen.

The flexibility of thermaline allows both students and chef instructors to express their cooking creativity and creates a pleasant work environment.

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