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Ristorante Daniel

Milan, Italy


Daniel Restaurant: simple, seasonal and Italian, in the heart of Milan

In the heart of the historical and noble part of Milan, in the Brera district, Chef Daniel Canzian celebrates Italian cuisine in a restaurant that is in all respects, a mirror of himself, starting from the name Daniel Restaurant – Contemporary Italian cuisine. A daring assumption, made by someone who can really allow himself to make it. A chef who has always had cooking in his blood, in his hands, in his soul and in his mind.

At Daniel’s, nothing has been left to chance. Elegant and refined, cleverly decorated with warm colors and modern prints. The open kitchen dominates the space, visible as soon as you enter. Nothing separates the kitchen brigade from the guests, not even a window.

The kitchen becomes the stage and the preparation of the dishes is art in its purest form: technique, wisdom, skill, precision and coordination. A performance that begins among the pots and pans and ends in the dining hall, where the same young chefs serve the customers while describing the dish and its preparation.

The kitchen is synonymous with elegance, safety and transparency. The perfect complement to every dish, the style of the restaurant and the culinary art of the Marquis. The Electrolux Professional solutions decorate and harmonize Daniel’s working space.

For his cooking suite, Chef Canzian chose Molteni, because the solutions branded Electrolux “are almost like an extension [of the chefs themselves] in some ways, greatly facilitating their work.”

Molteni has always been known for its high levels of performance, durability and design. Stoves handcrafted in solid enameled steel, designed according to the needs and requirements of each chef, and that is why there are no two identical. Perfection and uniqueness at the service of the greatest chefs around the world.

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