Waldorf Astoria

Berlin, Germany

In-House Laundry

The Waldorf Astoria in Berlin relies on Electrolux Professional for their in-house cleaning

In January 2013 a new Waldorf Astoria opened its doors in Berlin, Germany. It has since been the top address for guests from all over the world looking for a luxurious experience with impeccable service. The 31-storey hotel with 152 rooms and 80 suites needed a laundry service that provides reliable results that meet the highest standards.

The primary reasons for choosing Electrolux is the flexibility and reliability the solutions offer as well as their low energy and water consumption.

The Waldorf Astoria in Berlin, one of the top addresses for excellent service and luxurious suites and spas, relies on Electrolux Professional machines for flexible, reliable, high quality and efficient laundry.

why Electrolux?

“Why Electrolux?”

Ms. Cinar, Laundry Coordinator at Waldorf Astoria says:
“Electrolux Professional equipment is fully automatic and easy to use, which for example makes the training of new staff easier.”

List of installed equipment:

  • Washer Extractor Electrolux W4130H
  • Washer Extractor Electrolux W475H
  • Washer Extractor Electrolux W455H
  • Dryer Electrolux T5290R
  • Heat Pump Dryer Electrolux T4190RF
  • Heat Pump Dryer Electrolux T4130RF

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