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Den Bosch, Netherlands


Noble restaurant – bringing people together

Noble restaurant in Den Bosch offers diners a unique experience through their shared dining concept. The concept promotes social interaction and customer satisfaction by allowing everyone at the table to enjoy everything the menu has to offer by sharing what they order.

Executive chef and owner, Edwin Kats, in 2002, achieved two Michelin stars in the Amsterdam restaurant La Rive and then traveled to China and Lebanon. While there, he was able to enjoy this interesting concept of tables full of food to share with the other guests. This experience encouraged him to implement this type of dining at Noble where his menu proposes a wide variety of high quality international dishes.

With our shared dining concept our guests can sample multiple dishes from the menu. This puts great pressure on our kitchen brigade. Electrolux gives them the flexibility and the power to deliver the best quality and experience”, commented chef Kats.

Chef Kats works every day with all the appliances in his kitchen. For this extensive use, he chose an air-o-steam combi oven, thermaline ProThermetic tilting braising pan and a tilting boiling pan. But the thermaline S90 cooking block with a fry top, induction top, fryer and bain-marie is at the core of his kitchen. Thanks to the refrigerated counters and ecostore refrigerators and freezersthe ingredients are always of the best quality. Finally, the green&clean hood type dishwasher, a guarantee for perfectly clean and sanitized dishes and crockery while offering low consumption of energy, water, detergent and rinse aid.

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