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Metro Cash & Carry, continuing to inspire customers
around the world

Metro Group unites a group of strong, independent sales brands, Metro/Makro Cash & Carry is a leading international player in self-service wholesale trade. In Belgium, the group currently has 15 retail outlets: 9 Metro warehouses (B2B) and 6 Makro warehouses (B2C).

In 2014, the group decided that it was time for the brand strategies of Metro Cash & Carry to become better tuned in to the current market. Among other things, the slogan You & Metro clearly shows where the group wants to go: the customer comes first and Metro is the trusted partner of choice. That new vision not only translated into a new slogan and identity, but also a new philosophy for the stores.

They have recently implemented a structure within their organization dedicated to increasing in-store experiences. This has become one of their key points to distinguish themselves from other retailers.

As a large player in the retail market, we’re constantly working to surprise our customers, to offer them something more. By integrating a Libero Point in each of our 15 outlets, we’ve upgraded our in-store experiences. We can now offer not only the high quality ingredients, but also a high level of inspiration. We want to inspire our customers, show them new items, new combinations, all following the rhythm of the seasons. Moreover, thanks to the Libero Point mobile kitchens, we’re not only limited to indoor demos and events, but we can easily move them to different locations also for external events. Flexibility, reliability and an exclusive look are their 3 major assets”, comments Kenneth Vansina, Head of Customer Experience, Makro Cash & Carry Belgium.

Customer perception is a central message extended to all branches of Metro and Makro and the Libero Point was able to satisfy their requirements par excellence.

Each of the 15 stores in Belgium has its own Libero Point, completely personalized, in line with the corporate identity.

Metro Cash & Carry takes its inspiration from the entrepreneurial spirit and the limitless energy of independent business people. From the very beginning, the stores of Metro and Makro Cash & Carry have focused on creating a tight bond between their local staff and the most important aspect of their business operations: their 21 million customers. Under both labels, the group has more than 750 stores in up to 28 countries around the world.

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