La Txitxarrería

Madrid, Spain

Increasing capacity and quality with Electrolux Professional

La Txitxarrería opened its doors 26 years ago and its concept has changed overtime. The restaurant is located in Madrid, in Pozuelo de Alarcón. At first, it was a traditional grill, but little by little José Manuel, owner of the restaurant, and his team added a greater variety of products, among them txitxarros as a star product. ‘’We took prices that were a little more competitive than those already in the market and we started to work. We have evolved into what we are today.’’

For José Manuel, as the owner, the most important things are the guests and the staff.
“This restaurant is characterized by the quality of our products and our grill and all with prices that are not exorbitant.” The design of the restaurant had also evolved over time. “In the beginning we had tables with regular seats. Now everything is more modern, more appropriate for the current time.”

José Manuel tells us that part of the hams and tenderloins are his own product, coming from a farm he owns in Huelva. The octopus is brought from Galicia and the tomatoes from one of the orchards in Quijorna. ‘’I am looking to find the best place for each product.’’

They also have their own garden at the restaurant, which is visible from the windows and which takes care of the details. ‘’Now we have seeded piparras!’’

Chef Luis tells us how they have improved because of the new appliances. ‘’Thanks to the new refrigerators, the oven and the blast chiller, we have increased our capacity and the food lasts much longer.’’

The Electrolux Professional team has a great relationship with the owner and the chefs. ‘’It is a great help in maintaining all the products. You avoid fermentation and the product’s stamina increases from three to five days. The blast chiller is the machine that I get the most out of because I can move production forward. Electrolux Professional gives me confidence, I recommend it.”

José Manuel, La Txitxarrería, Madrid, Spain
why Electrolux?

“Why Electrolux Professional?”

José Manuel – Chef and owner

“I chose Electrolux Professional to equip our kitchen, because I consider it a great brand and it gives me confidence to know that it will be in our kitchen for many years.”

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