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Thionville, France


Electrolux Professional brings Clinique Saint-Élisabeth to the forefront of technology

After creating two nursing homes in 2011, Clinique Saint-Élisabeth inaugurated a third on January 1st, 2014, in Metzervisse, with 72 beds. This was an opportunity to modernize the central laundry, now the washing and drying areas are fully equipped by Electrolux Professional.

“Prior to this, at the Thionville clinic, the central laundry area and the equipment were obsolete. The change was not only to improve the quality of the services offered to our patients and residents, but also to provide our workers with new, more efficient and truly ergonomic working appliances.
We wanted to further expand our business and gradually reintegrate the processing of uniforms to sustain the workers, while allowing the development of new skills, which may ultimately benefit other institutions”, says director Patrick Lstiburek.

Clinique Sainte-Elisabeth

Quiet and ergonomic, these washers are characterized by a remarkable daily output: developed for easy loading and unloading, they provide a significant savings in time, equivalent to a wash cycle per day.

The ironer also has several advantages, as explained by Antoine Picarella, Electrolux Professional Regional Manager: “I will cite for example the ceramic ramp, an Electrolux patented system that reduces gas consumption by 20%”.

The dryers measure the presence of residual moisture in the heart of the linen and stop automatically when the textiles are dry, thus again providing a significant energy savings.

The new laundry, which covers 500m2, currently processes 200 tons of laundry per year. A volume expected to increase in the medium term, the capacity of 1.3 tons per day is now possible thanks to the installation of the new solution.

With the arrival of new projects, including the management of a hospital laundry and additional nursing homes, it was essential”, notes the director. “The increase in work load is gradual to facilitate the operators” he said. “We wanted to give them time to adapt to this new environment, characterized by advanced equipment, by automating certain tasks and a reorganization of work flows. Respect for working conditions is a priority within our quality approach. Furthermore, we must also ensure optimal traceability of the washing performance and we achieved this with Electrolux”.

Clinique Sainte-Elisabeth, director Patrick Lstiburek
why Electrolux?

“Why Electrolux Professional?”

Patrick Lstiburek, director of Clinique Sainte-Elisabeth comments:
The barrier solution allows to efficiently examine the bacteriological quality of the linen” says the director. “They are also in line with our commitment to sustainable development, with 99 pre-set programs – of which 15 used to date, and the possibility to interface them with our detergents management system. We can control and limit our consumptions and reduce emissions”.

List of installed equipment:

  • 2 x barrier washer-extractors Evolution (2x90kg)
  • 2 x barrier washer-extractors Pullman (1x50kg and 1×25 kg)
  • 1 x cylinder ironer 325mm
  • 2x dryers have been added to the existing 20kg dryer  (2×60 kg)

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