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Le Quincangrogne

Dampmart, France


Le Quincangrogne aiming at the stars

Le Quincangrogne is a story that began almost 5 centuries ago, in 1564 at the arm of the Marne River. At that time a hunting ground for Henri IV, the mill of Quincangrogne found its acclaim in 1964, thanks to the support of a known chef.

This chef was Arthur Keller, who turned Le Quincangrogne into one of the most famous restaurants around the Seine and Marne. Before this, the mill, whose wings stopped turning in 1865, was also the inn of Quincangrogne.

The history

Thanks to Arthur Keller’s reputation, the inn became nationally renowned. In 1968, the old style debuted into a luxurious restaurant with rooms for banquets and guest rooms. Thanks to his perseverance, the chef became a great innovator of modern cuisine, receiving a Michelin star.

Le Quincangrogne prospered, becoming a place of haute cuisine as well as a 4-star hotel, until a family tragedy took over both the chef and the inn. It was sold and replaced by a retirement home and eventually abandoned. However, they did not consider the determination and desire of two men.

The taste of the challenge

The hotelier, Pierre-Antoine Lachaux, could not bring himself to watch such an institution disappear. He met with Franck Charpentier, a known chef with a passion for gastronomy, and sealed the fate of this beautiful location. Together, in 2015, they decided to reopen the house and to restore life to the gourmet restaurant, giving it back the deserved name of Le Quincangrogne.

“You must love challenges: here, we had to redo everything!” commented Franck Charpentier, chef and owner. Chef Charpentier seized the opportunity to open his kitchen to the restaurant, so the guests could set their eyes on the preparations of their dishes in a trendy atmosphere.

A high-tech partner

To support this project, the two entrepreneurs relied on the installer G3 Concept based in Chelles. “We reviewed several estimates, with a mandatory prerequisite for reliable materials. We also contacted the Ducasse school, fully equipped by Electrolux, where we received confirmation that our requests would be completely satisfied. After a demonstration on the air-o-steam Touchline combi oven – marvelous, the hood type dishwashers – extremely resistant, the cook tops – a real plus … We chose Electrolux!, and more precisely, the thermaline range. “I was looking for something solid, reliable, durable and at the forefront of technology. Electrolux was able to meet my expectations“, says Franck Charpentier.

Equipment at the service of creativity

In the 132 m2 kitchen, inaugurated just a few months ago, everything has been designed to express creativity. Here, ten people are hard at work to surprise and satisfy the taste buds of a mostly local clientele and altogether privileged, as the restaurant holds 34 seats. The chef creates a traditional cuisine with Mediterranean and Asian influences. “I proudly integrate products from local farmers as well as from farmers in the Seine and Marne regions.”

“By the end of March, we plan to open the hotel: 22 rooms including 4 suites of 40 m2. Four recruits should also join us, bringing the staff to 19 people. During May, we will also open the tearoom. We are also developing our business on customer seminars and banquets since we have areas dedicated to these profiles, “says Franck Charpentier, who is also considering the installation of a green terrace.

We expect that Le Quincangrogne, just thirty kilometers from Paris, will meet its due success, having in sight a very nice goal: to hang a star at Quincangrongne!

Key figures

  • 132 m2 kitchen
  • 34-seat restaurant
  • 2 banquet rooms / seminars holding 70 and 25 guests
  • A team of 19 people, including a kitchen brigade of 10 people, 5 in the dining room, 2 receptionists and 2 maids
  • 22 rooms including 4 suites of 40 m2
    Electrolux solutions installed at Quincangrogne:

  • Prothermetic tilting braising pan
  • made to measure plate warmer
  • 4-burner cook tops
  • deep fryer, griddle, bain-marie
  • made to measure central shelf
  • extraction hoods
  • salamander
  • refrigerated tables
  • air-o-steam Touchline oven
  • air-o-chill blast freezer
  • refrigerated cabinet
  • stainless steel cabinets
  • air-o-convect oven
  • all work tables fruit / vegetable / fish / meat and cold rooms
  • dishwasher with reverse osmosis
  • beverage refrigerator
  • ice machine
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