6 Reasons To Try Electrolux Professional Commercial Ironers & Ironing Machines

When it’s time to find new ironers and ironing machines for your business, it’s time to think Electrolux Professional. We offer some of the best ironers in Australia, and there are good reasons to give our ironers a try.

6 Reasons To Try Our Ironers & Ironing Machines

1. They Can Increase Productivity

Ironing, folding, and stacking linens takes a lot of time. That’s time you could be working on other tasks. Electrolux Professional ironing machines feature automatic feeding, folding, and stacking solutions that cut down on human labour. Our C-Flex IL feeding and folding accessory is ergonomically designed so it can be used at maximum speed with minimum effort.

2. They Can Decrease Energy Costs

Ironers are known as energy-hogs, but with the Electrolux Professional ironing machines, you’ll save money in lowered electric bills as well as spending less on human labour to get the job done right. Our advanced, patented Ceramic Gas Burner heating solution heats up quickly and maintains heat efficiently, and you’ll notice the difference in your energy costs. Our intelligent software system also allows you more refined control of the ironer, meaning there’s never a wasted energy moment.

3. They’re Easier on Your Staff

The constant, repetitive motion of ironing and folding takes its toll on your employees. If users are a bit tired or even slightly distracted, it’s easy to miss a step, which can result in burns to people and ruined linen. In fact, irons have quite a poor reputation when it comes to safety. The Electrolux Professional range of ironers can eliminate these issues.

We use the latest technology to ensure that every item put through the ironer comes out safely on the other side. That same technology protects your staff from burns while making their lives easier with an ergonomically designed feeding table.

4. They’re Simple to Use

Electrolux Professional ironer has been designed from top to bottom to make things easy on the operator and easy on you. These commercial ironers allow you to take control of your in-house laundry with precision, yet do it using simple, intuitive controls you don’t need an engineering degree to figure out. You’ll get even the toughest jobs done quickly and efficiently on a system that’s simple to use.

5. They Work for Everyone

At Electrolux Professional, we know that different businesses have different needs, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Whatever your ironing needs, you’ll find something in the large Electrolux Professional range to suit any your specific business and laundry need.

6. They’re Premium Quality

We’ve worked hard to establish a reputation for quality machines, and these ironers and ironing machines are true to our brand. We build everything to the highest quality standards using superior materials and the latest proven technology. Our machines are designed to do an exceptional job, and they’re built to last. We back up a quality product with some of the best customer service you’ll ever experience.

See the Whole Range

We have a passion for providing our customers with the very best. Whatever your ironing needs, visit Electrolux Professional in Australia to find what our line of ironers, washing machines, and other commercial equipment can do for your business.

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