Art & Science partnership in India for 500 chefs

In 2015, “Chef2Chef” seminars for about 500 chefs will be held at the Center of Excellence in Gurgaon, India and at the Griffith Culinary Center in Bangalore, in partnership with the Indian Federation of Culinary Associations (IFCA), part of the Worldchefs network.

Sharing knowledge is at the very foundation of this partnership”, says Chef Manjit Singh Gill, President IFCA, who conducted the first seminar. We’re pleased because it will open up opportunities for chefs to benefit from the knowledge and experience of Electrolux Professional”.

In India, the seminars will also focus on the use of the Tandoor Concept by Electrolux for banquets’ operations. Traditional Indian flavors and taste like Tandoori (char grilled), dum (sealed food cooked in its own juices), steamed or curries, can be easily and more effectively be accomplished by using Electrolux Professional technology.

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